Threads Not Showing Up

What, in the name of Mike, is going on with this Forum? Recently, I made comments on several threads I the Automotive section, but they actually don’t show up in the Automotive section (or any of the sub-forums). Take this one for instance: Burger and a beer - Automotive / Motorcycles - KitMaker Network

When I am in the thread, it clearly says that is is in the Motorcycle sub-forum, but when I go the that sub-forum, it isn’t there! There are only two threads showing up in there.

Here’s another one: Ducati bike - Automotive / Motorcycles - KitMaker Network Clearly shows that it’s in the Motorcycle sub-forum, and yet it isn’t.

And just so you don’t think I’m just picking on the Motorcycle sub-forum, here’s one from the Cars sub-forum: Wrong Turn - Automotive / Cars - KitMaker Network


No post by you in the Wrong turn thread though …

You haven’t selected a specific tag?

If I select a tag some posts might disappear


Those topics are set to ‘Muted’. I am able to view that topic as your user account (to see any specific settings, etc.) and they are set to muted. That is why they are not showing up in your feed views and only visible via a search.

Click the bell icon and set them back to normal to restore them.

Well, I suppose that makes some sort of sense. I’ll change it from muted to normal, & see what that does.

Robin, the only threads that I can see under Motorcycles are “Biker Girl 1/9th Scale” and “Tamiya Fireblade 2020”. Liked that “Ducatistia”?


I think Jim already changed it for you but check and confirm.

Yes, Ducatista was creative :smiley:

I didn’t update them. I figured he would want to see how the setting works and fix any of the ones he couldn’t find.

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Yes, that it correct. I updated the settings, and now I know.

Thanks for all the help.


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