Wrong Turn

Tamiya Enzo kit with Masterbox and DEF figures. Concrete is tile grout


Now that is a different approach to car modeling!..SUPERB!

now that’s truly unique in concept, and equally outstanding execution in the build of that concept.
Good thing that the “Old Man” has passed as I’m not so sure that he’d appreciate the entire idea. I’m pretty sure that he’d rather see a Bimmer or Merc instead take the place of one of his Ferraris.

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Great to see an auto diorama. Excellent work.

See… Never drive in heels ladies !! :grin:
Nice scene and we’ll put together :+1::+1:

Haha. Stupid, rich, female, conservatives. I thought we were supposed to keep politics off this board.

I am fine with the original post, and to some degree the recent replies, but let’s keep it about the modeling please, and not the political undertones here.



Oops! :grin:


Nicely executed original idea there David, a very believable scene even if it makes us cringe at the repair costs!

Cheers, D

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That will be pricey. I don’t have an issue with the bumper sticker content as to each there own but a bumper sticker on a Ferrari. :scream:
The build is nice.

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Jim, the model IS a political statement.

I am sure you are right. Those darn union highway construction workers didn’t put up those barriers correctly and they let those poor women crash their expensive Ferrari into an area that should have been CLEARLY demarcated. However attacks on unions or other anti-leftist discourse will not be tolerated in the comments. Just as attacks on the other side will not be tolerated either.

I usually am not one for car models, but this one is superb!
Great models, great painting and wonderful story.

Nothing is either right or wrong. Just thinking makes it so.


I’ve also had a couple people angry that I put bumper stickers on a Ferrari. These are from Gopher Racing decals, btw. They have been creating a nice range of such extras.


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I am sure others are angry, I was just surprised. It is not something you see everyday, bumper stickers on exotic cars, maybe a country window sticker at most. I have the 2020 bumper stickers and license plates on the way for a few vehicles.

You are right, this is a can of worms.

But, it makes me sad. Having to weigh every word in fear of creating a wrong impression and get accused of being left-wing, right-wing, anti-something, or pro-something… We are slowly moving in a direction where it will be NOT DONE to build a WWII Panzer because you could be accused of having nazi sympaties for doing that.

Freedom, freedom of expression, humour, debate, (pretty fundamental rights I thought) are being replaced by fake news, dogmatism, fundamentalism, extremism… somewhere I don’t see this as progress.

@Tanstaafler: My wife thinks your dio is hilarious (so do I) but she would like to have your confirmation that the Ferrari was not hurt while making it. Otherwise … :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I keep thinking about bumper stickers that say:
“My other car is a Volkswagen”


Nothing is either right or wrong, just thinking makes it so. No one ever comments on the coexist bumper sticker.

And the workers putting up the barriers were non-union. :grin: