Tiger 1 "123" of schwere pzabt 503

Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting in constructive comments, so go gently. :slightly_smiling_face:

My plan is to turn the Academy Tiger I early (with interior but I’m not bothering with that as it will be nearly all buttoned up) into tank 123 of schwere pzabt 503 in mid-1943. Some reference photos below. Disclaimer: I make no claim to owning these photos.

I started this kit years ago, and then lost interest, but now it has found its way back to the bench.

So far I’ve added weld seams. Changed the loaders turret side hatch for a second pistol port. Ive added a pz iii turret bin from a Dragon kit, I think. I’ve done a lot of work on the rear plate as this tank didn’t have fiefel filters, including scratching the jerry can rack from a beer can! I’ve also adjusted the engine deck as the fiefel piping assembly wasn’t installed.

I’ve read the idler wheel mounting is too short which makes the idler ride too high. To address this, I’ve removed the mounting and scratched my own which are longer and will hopefully resolve this issue when I attach the running gear.

I’ve textured the plate on the sponson sides and will do the same soon to the turret sides.

Here are some photos.

Constructive comments welcome!




Well I have to say, with my untrained Tiger eye, it’s looking pretty good with where you’re at with it Matthew. The parts that are scratched look very neat and well put together.
Nice crisp work and will be good seeing more of 123 as it builds up.
Jerry can holder is very nicely done btw :+1:

don’t you have the part for the correct turret hatch/vision port in the kit? I had that for my fehrmann one

Looks like the Tiger is coming along well. I like your enhanced weld seams.

No. I don’t. I’ll have to scrape it i the right size.

@Johnnych01 @Armor_Buff Thanks for the kind words. I’ll post more progress soon.

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You’re doing great work, and it pains me to say that “123” was an earlier version of Tiger than what Academy gives you. There are more differences that you have not noticed yet. I’ll post them if you want.


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Thanks @DByrden. Please send me pointers on what else needs adjusting. TVM.

The side skirts of “123” were the “type 2” skirts, while Academy gives you “type 3”. No model kit contains “tye 2” at this time. See Tiger side skirts

“123” did not have any clips for a handle at the bottom of its rear wall.

The cable on the side of “123” was not arranged like the cable in the Academy kit. The rear ends of it were close together. You can actually see this in the first photo that you posted. I will post an image of this layout if you want.

“123” had its gun cleaning rod broken into 5 long parts. The kit gives you 6 short ones.

“123” did not have the S-mine launcher system. It didn’t have the welded strips on its top deck, and as a result its large tow cables were forward of the usual place, and its antenna storage tube was farther back. I’ll post details if you like, but maybe you know what I mean?

“123” never had exhaust shields or muffler caps - you seem to be aware of this.

“123” did not have the small rectangular plate stored behind the driver’s hatch - I think you caught that one?

“123”'s engine adapter was slanted. You obviously know that.

“123” had the old “slanted” front edges to the hull, not like Academy’s ones. I think you fixed that? Can’t see.

“123” didn’t have those "legs"under the handles of the engine hatch. That’s actually an Academy error.

And the really interesting one: “123” had clips to store its jack in between its exhaust mufflers. The crew made them.



I am continually amazed at your seemingly limitless knowledge of Tiger 1s. How long have you been accumulating all this in depth knowledge of the wagon as a whole and individual call signs within units ?

Thank you for all the pointers @DByrden.

I think I understand all the tweaks that need to be made.

It would be great if you could show me the layout for the tow cables.

Also, I’m not sure about the “old “slanted” front edges to the hull, not like Academy’s ones.” Can you post a picture so I get a better idea.

Thanks for all your help!


Good evening,

I’ve made a bit more progress on Tiger 123 of pzabt 503.

I’ve installed the headlights and cabling.

I’ve, removed the errant legs from the engine deck, and the handle from the bottom right of the rear plate.

The front hull is now corrected.

Tomorrow, I’ll mount the jack between the two smoke stacks and fit the rest of the tools. Oh, and turn six short gun cleaning rods into 5 long ones, and make the brackets for them. :slight_smile:



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Very nice detailing. Really looks good :+1:

Update: Jack and tools, except cleaning rods, are done.

Things will slow as I wait for the PE mud guards and smoke dischargers for the turret to arrive in the post…


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I’m truly impressed with the level of research going into this impressive build. I’ve learned a lot!


@DByrden In the picture below of 123 it looks distinctly like it had type 1 skirts with the kink in the middle and two slightly shorter fenders at the front. Do you agree?



Cleaning rods done!

Thanks for looking.



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Er… that description fits “Type 2” skirts as well.


More progress.

The PE fenders arrived in the post. So did the turret smoke launchers!

I scratched the track cable on the left hull side. The guides on the hull are a wee bit overscale, but that was the trade off to ensure they don’t ping off into the ether.

I attached the mesh grilles over the engine deck.

Here are a few pictures…

Next up, paint.




Loved seeing your old school details only using PE where necessary,very good build,waiting for more…:ok_hand: