Tiger I Initial, RFM

Another project…
RFM Tiger I Initial, Leningrad 1943. front. I am building it OOB, but I will use RFM 3D printed tracks, since those that come with the kit are impossible to be built (at least I can’t do it) to be workable. For the first time I did some shell impacts. I wanted it to be really worn and muddy so I hope that I didn’t overdo it.
Paints and weathering products are all from Ammo range.


What a great build. It looks fantastic. Painting is superb and the weathering is spot on, some lovely rust coming through and the exhaust colour is great.
Beautiful work :+1:

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Looks fantastic! Everything is spot on!

That’s a superb job! The weathering & imperfections combine to make it look like it really is made of metal rather than plastic. I’m not sure how long those Tigers lasted around Leningrad (or whether they were all whitewashed for Winter) so the wear & weathering might be a tad too much, but who cares? I think this is the exception to any rule & looks utterly convincing. Roll on the tracks, bravo :+1:

OUTSTANDING!!! That’s a very nice touch the damaged/missing smoke discharger. Great paint & weathering! Are you going to put it in a diorama ?
Thanks for sharing !

Thank you guys for your kind words, I am glad that you like it.
I’m not sure about the base as I never made one. Gotta grow a pair and board that train :smiley:

Nice job on the painting and weathering. You’ve really captured that worn equipment feel.

Damage is very realistic and weathering looks fantastic. Great attention to detail. Excellent overall finish.

Very good paint job and wear

I’m calling it done. In the meantime, I did work on the RFM aftermarket 3D printed tracks which caused a lot of problems. Links for the right side were absolute horror, pins didn’t want to go in, I had to widen the holes on the track links, everything was extremely fragile. Left side was totally different story, almost all fitted like a dream. But then, when putting the tracks on the tank, huge problem occured with the left sprocket wheel. The teeth are not symmetrical (my guess is that it is something with design because right one is OK), so it wouldn’t fit in the holes. I had to cut the inner teeth to somehow align the tracks and, of course, cover the thing with mud.
Anyway, it’s a great model, rich in details, joy to build and I am fairly happy how it turned out.
Don’t mind the dust speckles, they are not stuck to the model, I was just too lazy to dust them off.
Comments and critics welcome as always!


Outstanding finish! Paint is beautiful and weathering is just excellent. A magnificent piece.


That is very well done. Thanks for sharing with us.

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That looks great,looks like Michael Rinaldi’s work in his book

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I tip my hat to you - that is one nicely done model.

AND on top of your building / painting talents… your photographs are really, really good.

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Excellent. Making a single colour finish look interesting and appealing is a difficult task, and one you have surely surpassed yourself in.

If you have any more in progress shots and info on how you achieved the finish I for one would be most interested to see/hear that.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you guys for you kind words, I didn’t expect such a positive feedback. Glad you like it!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos during the building and painting stage, but it was nothing too complicated. Ammo paints and weathering products were used. Dunkelgrau modulation set for paints, various shades of Oilbrushers for oilwork, Splashes and Wet Mud for, well, splashes and mud :). Some rust washes, some streaking grime. Scratches done with sponge (lightest shade from Modulation set, then brushwork with Chipping color. Just experimenting with various stuff and enjoying the process.


Thanks mate, “enjoying the process”, that’s my favourite part of this hobby of ours, those sessions of discovery, just playing with techniques and enjoying the successes and happy accidents that end up in a fully formed piece of your imagination!

Hi Doodeck,
Great build and finish, inspiring bit of work.

What I liked even more though, is that nobody has jumped on the ‘that’s not right’ bandwagon.
Seen on other forums people screaming in text at each other about, colours, bolt positions etc…

Nice modelling in a nice safe place, may even post here myself one day :laughing: