Tinting 2 part 5 min. epoxy glue?

Hi all,
Does anyone know if if this stuff can be tinted?,best option…enamel or acrylic paint?

No clue but I’ve got some sitting here if you want a lab rat.

What colour do you want it and what are you doing with it in the end?

Spontaneous reaction: I would go for some alcohol based “ink”
Paint contains a lot of other stuff besides the actual pigment.

Take one for the team and do some experimentation with different
types and brands of paint.

Why do you want it tinted?

I have tinted West System epoxy using tube tints available at paint stores- never tried to tint 5 minute epoxy. A strong word of caution - experiment with some and try it outdoors. I once mixed a hot batch of West System in a plastic cup on a job site in the summer heat.
Shortly after adding the tint the cup got VERY warm and then caught fire . Two part epoxies have what is known as exothermic reaction when mixed . The larger the batch the more heat is produced as a product of the chemical reaction between the epoxy and
catalyst ( hardener) . When I added a bunch of umber tint to an already hot batch on a hot day it did something to kick up the exothermic a bit too much .
Test first .

Thanks guys for the suggestions.
I will experiment with the different paint types and the ink.
I need to mix a tiny batch to fix chips on the edge of a stone kitchen counter add a tiny
blob of the tinted epoxy and then shave off the excess…counter is dark gray.

I’ve used food coloring with great success, although I’m sure it’s not going to work for the color of stone. You may want to look up a YouTube video on repairing an electric guitar finish using nothing more than CA and a razor blade. Pretty impressive results.

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Well guys,
I tried mixing in enamel and acrylic paint with the 2 part epoxy and both types of paints
mixed in really well, The results though is the epoxy dried to the consistency of very
hard rubber…maybe the type of epoxy or having add paint, will not go rock hard.
I will now try with CA and see if will dry any harder.
Have a great day!

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You may want to contact a stone counter top fabricator .
They use color matched epoxies for their joints - they would probably give you or sell you exactly what you need .

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