Today is a good day

Kids at school :white_check_mark:
Wife at work :white_check_mark:
Comically large mug of tea :white_check_mark:
Zulu on the TV :white_check_mark:
Cares in the world :x:

Today is a good day


Between model building, ham radio and baseball card collecting I can always find something to occupy my time…

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:


Envious! Currently knee deep in papers preparing for my PhD defense on Thursday. But this weekend I am completely free and intend to finish my archer and crack open my Me-262!


No pressure there! What are you doctoring?

Nope none at all!! :lying_face:

Majoring in geophysics!

Enjoy it - I’m sure it has been well deserved.

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Little slice of heaven you got there @Canmedic

I always admire people who can look at life this way. I’m one of them. Enjoy today.