Toning down - weathering decals

Building the 1/72 Revell Shackelton AEW2 with a weathered faded finish. That parts progressing well. What I’m looking forward to is that with this weathered finish, the decals particularly the yellow upper wing decals will look too bright and clean, aka not weathered at all? I’d like to reduce the brightness/saturation of the decals just a bit. I have placed some decals on test aircraft and plan to try Tamiya Smoke, oils, highly thinned base color etc…anyone suggest how I can accomplish this or have a technique that they use? I have already used Migs Oil brusher for the weathering.This Revell finish is very similar but to me the decals look ‘toned down’ a bit? Maybe?
Here a few photos of my in progress wings.

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I got very confused for a minute wondering why you had the entire UN on the bottom of a Shackleton.

I’ve had good luck moderating decals with just straight oil paints, usually just white. Just like you would a dot filter, place a small dot and burnish away. The haze left by the paint is enough to knock down the new look and lowers the saturation of colours without making things look dirty.

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I find that if you apply the decals before weathering the aircraft/vehicle and weather it all as one unit, the decals will tone down and blend in just fine. In my opinion, there is no need to do extra weathering on the decals alone.