Torsten's bench works

Amazing job Torsten, looks great. Will use this when I will make mine.
Glad to help, anytime.
Hai noroc :beers:

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Indeed I did :smiling_face:

Super work Torsten :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your kind comments, Mike, Peter, Dragos and Russell! Glad you enjoyed following the build as I enjoyed building this kit. First show for this bird will be in March next year. Dragos, I hope we will see your Stuka here one day … :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s already around the corner, Peter! Took the photos at the weekend, just have to prepare them.

Torsten :wave:

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Torsten, I hope that too :smiling_face:, battle of the Stukas. But if it will not be ready by then, at least I hope to attend as a visitor. No harm in dreaming. However, what show is that?

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Another one in the books. Your build as usual is up to your high standards as the finished pictures show.


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Thanks, Joel! Glad to hear that you like my efforts :slightly_smiling_face:

Dragos, the model show is a small, more familial like one about 200 kilometers away from my home. I attend it as an exhibitor since 2008 every year (except 2020 …). It’s always the start of “my” show season. See Post 398 in this thread … :slightly_smiling_face:

While the Ju 87 is nearly 20 years old, my next kit is brandnew. In October I bought the new F4F-3 Wildcat Profipack directly at the Eduard Online Shop. And as they had a 20 % discount offer I decided to make it a Dual Combo …

Let’s have a look at the parts. Sprue A has all the clear parts, including different wind shields and the option for a closed or an open canopy …

Sprue B comes with the fuselage parts …

Sprue E holds the non-folding wings for the -3 version …

Some cockpit- and landing gear parts are on Sprue L …

Different rudders and stabilizers are on Sprue M

Sprue N has various engine parts, the propeller and 3 different cowling rings …

The instruction plan comes as usual as a small booklet …

The decals are all well printed by Eduard and on a A4 sheet for 6 options …

As usual the Profipack comes with masks and a PE-Fret, plus some more Stars without Bars …

A closer look at the PE parts …

Here are all 6 options on the side of the box …

And I have decided for Option A, a colourful pre-war Yellow Wing from VF-41 aboard USS Ranger …

The other build will be Option C, the Wildcat flown by Butch O’Hare in April 1942 …

Though I still have a few Hobbyboss Wildcats in my stash I give this brandnew kit a try. Paints will mainly come from Vallejo. I have just recently got their USN & USMC Air War Colour Series No. 71157. Will start in the next days and hope that some of you guys will accompany me again. But first I’ll finish my memorial tour at the Somme thread, something completely different.

Happy modelling!
Torsten :slightly_smiling_face:


The first one should look great, with all those colours. Can’t wait to see it finished, I’m sure you will do a great job.
Got a seat in the front row, chomping on popcorn.
Good luck Torsten

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Ooo this should be a treat to watch you build your dual combo Torsten. :popcorn: :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t help but wonder if Arma’s earlier 1/72 release of the F4F was in some ways linked to Eduard’s 1/48… Perhaps some sharing of the CAD models of the AC itself? :thinking:

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I’m certainly along for the ride on both F4F-3s which is still one of my favorite Grumman aircraft. All that PE should really make the cockpit POP big time.


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Nice choice.

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Looking forward to this one. Had my eye on that kit recently.

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Looking forward to the build, I have the kit from the US sale. Plan on making mine one of the Marine options when I get to it.

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Wow! Thanks for all your feedback, guys! :astonished:

Dragos, I hope to finish the builds by end of February or early March, so I can take them with the Ju 87 to the model show. Before my inner eye they are already finished … :slightly_smiling_face:

Russ, I don’t think there’s a co-operation between Arma and Eduard. Eduard works together with Special Hobby. But from what I can see from Magnus’ builds Arma must be State of the Art for 1/72 now, so is Eduard for 1/48. Hardly find any better kits.

Joel, not sure what PE parts I’ll use for my Wildcats. As you know, I’m no big fan of that and will probably use only the necessary ones. I plan to build one Wildcat with open and one with closed cockpit, just like on the Mustangs and Spitfires.

Ryan, I hope I can do the Wildcat justice. As always I’ll try my best … :shushing_face:

Hai noroc!


Food and fun… no more “F” words ha ha. Great update!


Cool, you are going to knock this one out of the park!

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Yes, HG, I’m curious how to get the landing gear together. It looks quite comlpex.

Not really an update, but just to show you that I’ve started with the builds. Planting asparagus for a change … :wink: One cockpit will get Interior Green and the Yellow Wing cockpit will be NMF. I hope to start painting this weekend. :crossed_fingers:


Looking good Torsten - seeing your familiar paint setup we can rest assured that the build is on track :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looking forward to seeing your cockpits take shape. The different colors will certainly make for a most interesting comparison. BTW, the landing gear is complex compared to others of the WWII era, but being a new kit Eduard kit, I’m sure that it’s been engineered that one part fits the next without any issues.


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I’ll echo both Russell and Joel’s comments about what’s coming next. Your skill is a gift to us all!

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