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As everyone knows, a Messerschmitt without at least twelve “zu”-decals isn’t a real Messerschmitt. Now go ahead and add them @BlackWidow :laughing:

Bad jokes aside: I like the look of “gelbe 14”, I haven’t made many North Africa machines but for the few I’ve done I’ve always been struggling to find the right colour. Mine tend to end up either far too yellow alternatively to reddish. I’ll make a mental note of your colour choice for future builds!



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Oh! Must I? Really? :fearful:
No, I don’t! :stuck_out_tongue:

As I mentioned earlier, I have used Vallejo 71278 Sand Yellow for “Yellow 14” and I also think, it hits the real tone quite well, though we usually have only b/w photos or 75 years old Agfa Color photos or even post coloured photos. So there’s always room for speculations, just like on RLM 76. I know you’re not fond of Vallejo, but you might give it a try next time …

I came pretty far with the decals on “Black 7” today, only a few stencils on the wings are still missing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not far from the finish line now! All decals are on and sealed now, with the exception of a few stencils :smile: The decals went on like a dream, a lot easier than in “Yellow 14” which were a bit sticky sometimes. Everything should be done by this weekend … :slightly_smiling_face:


Done! Finished yesterday evening I call “Black 7” ready to join “Yellow 14” and all the others on my shelf of pride … :slightly_smiling_face:

Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2
5./JG 3
Germany, April 1941
Pilot: Leutnant Horst Buddenhagen
Kit: Eduard ProfiPack 1/48

This is the only original photo of “Black 7” 3. Schluck-Specht that I know of. I’ve got the permission by the publisher of Luftfahrtverlag Start Axel Urbanke to show the photo here in my thread. We had contact in November. Thanks a lot! :+1:

Horst Buddenhagen flew already “Emils” with 5./JG 3 during the Battle of Britain (named Schluck-Specht and 2. Schluck-Specht). He achieved 4 victories between 3. June and 27. September 1940. Back in Germany the unit transfered to F-2 and so this aircraft got the new name. Early in June 1941 the squadron flew to Poland for the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. It’s most likely, that “Black 7” had this beautiful yellow nose only up to that date. Buddenhagen flew up to 6 missions per day and achieved another 4 victories between the 23. and 25. June 1941. In the evening of that day the squadron flew one last low level mission with bombs and attacked russian targets. Buddenhagen flew very low and was probably hit by AA fire. “Black7” touched the ground, crashed and exploded. Buddenhagen was instantly killed.

Used paints:
Vallejo 71044 Light Grey Green RLM 02
Vallejo 71055 Black Grey RLM 66
Vallejo 71057 Black
Vallejo 71062 Aluminium
Vallejo 71078 Yellow RLM 04
Vallejo 71257 Light Blue RLM 76
Vallejo 71258 Dark Grey RLM 74
Vallejo 71259 Grey Violet RLM 75
Revell 09 Anthracite
Revell 40 Black Green RLM 70
Gunze H68 Dark Grey RLM 74
Gunze H69 Grey Violet RLM 75
Tamiya X-25 Clear Green
Tamiya X-27 Clear Red

… a look in the cockpit … :slightly_smiling_face:

… and both Friedrich side by side. Buddenhagen and Marseille surely never met, but both flew Emils during the BoB …

Again, thanks for all your support for me during this dual build. :bowing_man: There will be more One-O-Nines coming from my bench in the future. I have at least 3 more Friedrich, a bunch of Gustav and a couple of Emils - and tons of decals for them … :wink:

Have all a nice Sunday!


…and the last one did not disappoint. Fantastic work Torsten. Loved watching every bit of these builds come together.

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Thanks for your kind feedback, Peter! Great to hear that you like watching it. I also really enjoy getting these Eduard kits together, no matter if it’s a 109, a Spitfire, Mustang, Hellcat … Eduard kits are just great to build, even with PE parts. I have plans for the next aicraft kit, but not so soon and not Eduard. Just started some armor with tracks … :wink:

Dear fellow glue sniffers! :grin:
Now that my M48 tank comes close to the finish line, it’s time to make plans for my next sin. And it was a quick decision because this kit arrived at my door just in January. Since the F-80 I haven’t built a jet plane so I think it’s time for the next one and I have decided to go for the De Havilland DH 100 “Vamipre” FB 9 from Airfix, of course in 1/48 … :slightly_smiling_face:

… let’s have a look at the sprues. Sprue A holds the underside and the twin booms …

… Sprue B comes with the upper side and some engine parts …

… Sprue C looks very much like parts for the landing gear and cockpit. I sure won’t use the pilot figure.

… more cockpit and various other parts on Sprue D …

… all clear parts are on Sprue E …

… the instruction is in the usual Airfix quality …

The kit offers 3 options (2 x RAF, 1 x Armée de l’Air) from the 1950’s with decals made by Cartograph. They look just perfectly printed … :+1:

… and I have decided to build this colourful RAF bird from 1954 …

Furthermore I have got the Eduard mask EX 981 with my latest order from Bohemia. Just have to check if I have all needed colours on board. For the outside I will mainly use Aluminium, Black and Yellow from Revell, I think.

I hope that some of you will again accompany me through this build. As always, it would be a pleasure for me to have at my side. Will start this kit asap. The M48 should be finished by next weekend or soon afterwards.

Happy modelling!


As always, following along for the ride, Torsten :smiling_face:

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Thanks Russ! Glad to know you aboard! :slightly_smiling_face:

First small update. Started on Wednesday with my Vamipre and the first 13 steps (of 87) are done now. One of the few aircraft which doesn’t start with assembling the cockpit first.

Intakes for the engine and main landing gear wells are assembled …

… the impeller of the engine will not be seen later, only here … :slightly_smiling_face:

… and glued into position …

So far no problems with the build. Next steps will be de-greasing this part and painting with Revell 99 Aluminium. Followed by assembling the cockpit.

Have all a nice weekend!


Didn’t see this one coming, it does feel a bit un-Torsten :grin: ! Will of course follow along, I recognise the design of the kit from the Airfix 1/72 Vampire T.11!



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un-Torsten, that’s funny!

Well, as you know, from time to time I get a jet plane together and I have more in my stash than one would think. Starting from a Me 262 and various early jets like Gloster Meteor or F9F Panther to quite a bunch of Phantoms, Starfighters and others. The most modern is the “Eufi” Eurofighter. And you might remember my collection of SAAB aircraft in the old Aeroscale.

Beside further working at the Vampire I have finished something completely earthbound. My first started and finished kit in 2024 is this M 48 tank. So I go a bit off topic now. But we go that in this thread from time to time anyway, don’t we? :smile:

KPz M 48 A2
2./Panzerlehrbataillon 93
Munster/Germany, 1959
Kit: Revell Germany 1/35

There are no extras added to this kit, which means I have also used the vinyl tracks which came a bit warped out of the box. The tank is completely painted with Revell paints, mainly No. 42 RAL 6014 Gelboliv. I will add some “street dust” to it later this week, so the M 48 doesn’t look so factory fresh afterwards. This kit has a total of 8 (yes eight!) decals! :rofl: Don’t tell that to Eduard! :grin:

That’s it for tracks for the moment. Back to the Vampire! Hope you show you another update soon.

Hai noroc!