Torsten's bench works

The Vampire made some steps forward in the last days with some paint finally, even if it’s just primer …

… then I painted the small parts at the end of the booms yellow and tried to cover them with Tamiya Tape, but the curvatures are too strong, so I decided to give Revell Color Stop liquid mask a go. It works like Maskol from Humbrol and is clear when dry. But it’s not as aggressive to the underground as Maskol …

… I sure will have to do some corrections in the end … :unamused:

… and fresh from the paint booth today with front and rear painted black. Sorry, the photos came out a bit dark … :innocent:

I will give everything some time to dry thoroughly before masking the black parts and carry on with Aluminium for which I’ll use Revell Aqua 99, same as on my VF-41 Wildcat last year.



Yesterday I demasked the yellow edges of the booms and found the expected flaws and made corrections with Yellow and Black. Though Color Stop worked fine I might do some more corrections later. For the moment I’m quite happy with the result. What do you think, guys?

Not easy to focus right so I needed several attemps. Everything is put on a short hold now, because I’m on my first model show 2024 this weekend and need to pack the stuff I want to show. Next work on the Vampire will be on Monday.

Have a great weekend!
Torsten :slightly_smiling_face:


It looks great Torsten :+1: no need for further adjustments :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Russ! As I said, I’m quite happy with my work so far. Like Maskol, Color Stop also tends to tear paint away where it should stay. That’s why I had to do some corrections with the brush. I will again have a look at the yellow edges when the build is nearly done. But now I’ll start to mask the black parts.

As I mentioned, I have been on the model show in Stetten am kalten Markt last weekend, about 200 km away from my home. Since 2008 it’s always the season opener for me. This was my table at the show. I guess you recognize some models from this thread. Beside new ones like the two Bf 109’s and the M48 tank, I took some veterans to the show. The oldest model is the Airfix Hurricane Mk. I which I built in 2012, I guess … :thinking:

But now back to the bench … :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a great display for the show Torsten :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Russell! Yes, I had a great weekend full of chatting and laughter, meeting old and new friends. We were 6 from my club. All models arrived safely home on Sunday evening. So far I have 4 more shows already fixed until September (2 in Germany, 1 in France and 1 in Switzerland) and plans for 2 more. I’ll see …

Over the last 4 evenings I had a lot of masking fun with the Vampire. While masking the tail was easy …

… the front fuselage section was a bit more difficult. First I tried to get the curvature about correct with this 0,75 mm flexible tape from Hobby 2000 …

… before masking the rest with Tamiya and Gold Tape …

So I hope to have enough time this weekend for some Aluminum sessions … :smile:



After some happy masking days I managed to finish main painting on the Vampire yesterday. I planned 2 sessions for painting Aluminium but everything went so smooth that all was done in one … :slightly_smiling_face:

… for Aluminium I used again Revell Aqua 99, the same as on the VF-41 Wildcat from last year …

… demasking is always like unwrapping a christmas present, isn’t it? You never know what you really get :smile:
There are some small touch ups with Black at the front wheel bay on the underside but I’m quite happy how the painting came out this morning … :smile:

Next step is painting the landing gear and some detail painting. Stay tuned!

Have a nice Sunday!


Final update before the Easter Holidays. As you see, the Vampaire is a tail sitter :unamused: and as you can guess I’m not amused about that because I was quite optimistic, that I have put enough weight in the nose. It’s sure more than the 17 grams recommended by Airfix …

… so like on my Saab J 29 Tunnan from several years ago I will need the help of a bit Uhu Tac during the coming model shows …

… the front landing gear is quite complex and a bit tricky to assemble …

… the main landing gear on the other hand is sturdy and easy to assemble …

I will leave everything as it is now for the next few days and wish everyone here some nice Easter Holidays … :rabbit: :rabbit: More next week!



I always loved the look of the Vampire. The ugly Duckling that it was.

Doing a great job on it Torsten.


Looks good T !

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Have you ever tried Mr Masking Sol R M133 ? This stuff is great IMO . Goes on easy , seals great , doesn’t let paint bleed threw on edges and peels off with very little effort .


Is it oderless Phantom

Yeah, everyone has his favourite jets. Though I’m fascinated by twin boom planes (my nick here …) I don’t have the Vamipre on my list. As I posted somewhere else, my favourite jet plane is the legendary Saab Draken. But I also have a soft spot for the F4 Phantom and - surprise surprise - the Eurofighter. But in any case I’m more into props than jets …

Thanks Quint! No, I haven’t. I have tried various liquid maskings and I think Revell Color Stop is quite good. As I said, it’s not as aggresive as Humbrol Maskol, does not stink and is easy to get here in Germany.

The Vampire made a step towards the finish line again and got a shiny shower of Bodenglänzer

… the first decals are on meanwhile. Note, that the landing light is inside the national insignia. Some parts of the WR120 registration will be hidden by the external fuel tanks later …

maybe I can finish this build by the end of next week. We’ll see …

Have a nice weekend all!


The Vampire is close to the finish line now. All decals are on and sealed and all parts are attached, except for the position lights … :slightly_smiling_face:

Not only the quality in total of the Cartograph is amazing, but especially the print quality. Nearly everything of the squadron badge is legible … :+1: The macro modus of my camera comes to its limits here, I needed 3 attemps to get it in focus. The squadron badge is on both sides of the front fuselage under the canopy.

Final coating will be again a 70/30 mix of Revell Clear Gloss and Matt. Everything should be done in the next days. Next update will be the finished Vampire. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Wow. Decals have come a long way since I started making models. You were lucky if the colours even lined up back then, and words were just blobs…

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Yep, it sure did, Peter. Same as the mould construction in general over the last, let’s say, 20 years. If you compare a quarterscale Spitfire from Hasegawa or Tamiya from the late 1990’s with a Spitfire from Eduard from 2020 there are worlds between them. But Cartograph has an excellent reputation in decal making since decades anyway.

While I mentioned the squadron badge, this is the only real one I have. Got it in the 1990’s at an airshow in Germany from the pilots who visited the show with their “Toni” (Tornado). Compare with the decal from above …


After a final unpleasant surprise I finished my Vampire yesterday evening …

DeHavilland DH 100 Vampire FB 9
No. 213 Sqn.
Egypt 1954
Kit: Airfix 1/48

Used paints:
Revell 09 Anthracite
Revell 83 Red Brown
Revell 89 Beige
Revell 99 Aluminium
Revell 302 Black
Revell 310 “Lufthansa” Yellow
Vallejo 71073 Metallic Black
Tamiya X-25 Clear Green
Tamiya X-27 Clear Red

This build is not flawless, sure not of Airfix’ best in the last years. Okay, some mistakes are also done by me. So I noticed that most pins are too thick and/or the counterpart pin holes are too small. The unpleasant surprise came with the position lights. They are simply too large and don’t fit at all. What were the folks at Airfix thinking (or drinking?) during construction? I checked many photos of original planes, the shape is okay but not the size … :thinking: So I had to build up the position lights with 3 layers of Micro Kristal Klear and to me it looks okay now. But it was as annoying as that this build has turned out to be a tailsitter. Other model builders sure can do a better job on the Vampire than me but I won’t build another one. For the photos I put the plane already on a small base with a bit of Uhu Tac under the front wheel.

And as I have mentioned before the Vampire is not my first tailsitter. Some years ago I built the Saab J-29 Tunnan from Hobbyboss in the markings of the Austrian Air Force or in german “Luftstreitkräfte des Österreichischen Bundesheeres”. Both have only little room for balance weight. So here we have the meeting of tailsitters … :smile:

First model show for the Vampire is in 2 weeks in Neufgrange, a small village in Lorraine about 200 km away from my door.

Thanks to everyone here at the Kitmaker Family who has followed this build with comments and/or likes. I always appreciate your virtual company a lot! My next build is just around the corner … :wink:

Happy modelling!


Beautifully done Torsten. What a great addition to the collection.

BTW. Re the K2 and pics of HRH. Kodachrome colour film is not always the best source of determining colours, and besides these vehicles were from a training unit, not service unit and colour is suspect. Deep Bronze Green was definitely a darker green colour, not a brownish shade of green as the word ‘bronze’ would intimate.

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Thanks Peter! The overall look of the Vampire is really nice, I gladly admit :slightly_smiling_face: but I also see and know the flaws. So it’s good enough to show on model expos. And I will show it on your club meeting this Saturday.

You’re right, old colour photos from WW2 are always good for endless discussions among modellers and historians, no matter if it’s Kodachrome or Agfacolor (in Germany). Over the decades these photos loose also their brightness, so the colour looks different. And not to forget, that many b/w from that era are post-war colourized. And in this special case it was important to show the Princess, not the K2Y.

I think, I’m not too bad with RAF Dark Green (Vallejo 71324) for the little K2Y :slightly_smiling_face: Sure will show some progress here from time to time. But I’m also starting another aircraft build soon.