Tour around work

Hey yall!
I was back at my job at the Hamilton Military Museum (No not the one in Ontario, Canada… :joy:) where I worked pre covid and I thought I would show yall some of the cool stuff.

Its honestly a really unassuming museum when you first see it.


But its honestly really nice inside and EVERYTHING you see was donated by veterans who live in T or C, NM.

Hidden Panzerfaust


They even have a model I built them pre covid still on display!

Then finally there is the uniform room that I probably put a good 100+ hours into building, clothing, and setting up the mannequins and stands.

While making this post I realized I didn’t take pictures of the other 6 or so on the other wall! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And outside we have an ambulance. (I have no idea what it really is), a 1/1 replica of the Vietnam memorial wall and a Mk.22 deck gun!!!

If your ever in T or C,NM you should totally stop by!

So, what do yall think?


Very nice Ezra. And we’ll done for lending a hand and helping out there. Shame they are only able to have the ambulance outside, and no other vehicles, maybe one day someone will donate a vehicle from a collection. It looks like a nice little museum with some good exhibits. :+1:


Thank’s for the tour!


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Ezra, you’ve landed my dream job! That looks like a really solid museum, especially for a relatively small population centre.

Your mystery truck is a Dodge WC-54 Ambulance and could really use a lick of paint.


Thanks for your museum tour. Looks like a complete collection on display

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it’s a cracking little museum, shame the ambulance isn’t in some kind of sheltered protection but there are clearly plenty of interesting stories to be found there.

nice one mate.

A fantastic look around the museum- some really interesting stuff on display there!

Wow Ezra thanks for the tour and do you have a cool job or what? That’s a great museum you have there. I love that Dodge ambulance! Those are rare!