Tracks for Stug III

Hello all. Happy (belated) New Year. I’m working on the Das Werk Stug III Ausf G. This is actually a Dragon kit with better directions !
I’m not too happy with the link and length tracks and I don’t want to do metal tracks.
Which plastic or resin tracks would you recommend?
Many thanks in advance for your input!!
John S.

Depends on how much you want to spend.

For $20 I’d go with a set of Reyfield Model workable plastic tracks. Easy clean up and excellent mold quality. pz-kpfw-iii-iv-40cm-early-production-workable-track-links-set or similar.

This is how mine turned out on my RFM Stug III G

Otherwise, for $35 to $45, Sector 35 or Fruil white metal are also very sweet but more expensive.

How do they assemble,they look good?

And good price

T-Rex makes a set as well as MasterClub.

They are very straight forward. The parts are easy to clean up.

Load 9 links in the jig. Pin from the sides. Sparingly touch the pin head with a tiny bit of liquid cement. Use razor blade to cut pin heads free of tree after LC has set up.

They ended up just as flexible as the Fruil & Sector35 white metals I’ve used.

Yes, there are others available at about 2x or more the cost.


Thank you guys!!

Will these tracks fit a Tamiya Möbelwagen?

Basically a 37mm AA gun mounted on a Panzer IV chassis, which is similar to what the Stug is, except for the main weapon.

I think the RFM’s should fit the newer (1990’s and later) Tamiya Pz III/IV based kits. They will fit the older 70’s era too I believe.

RFM Pz IIl/IV links on 1990’s Tamiya Pz IV sprocket.

RFM Pz IIl/IV links on mid 2000’s Dragon Stug III G sprocket. They’d fit the mid 2000’s Dragon Pz III/IV’s too.

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I would stay away from Fuil’s, the last set I bought (Panther) had about 75 % of the guide horns flashed over. I tried to get a replacement set from Fruil and they said no. So that was the last Fruil’s I ever bought.

Fruilmodel definitely can require a lot of extra clean up sometimes.

I feel like the days of white metal tracks are numbered… 3D printed resin tracks are similarly priced, if not a bit cheaper. And generally 3D printed tracks have much less (if any) clean up required.

Not all 3D tracks are created equally though, T-Rex seems to be the best, Heavy-Hobby are good, but not as good.

I recommend T-Rex tracks :+1:t3:

I’m not suprised you had problems, there’s no such company as ‘Fruil’…

Joking aside, Friulmodel tracks don’t seem to have the casting quality that they once had. I remember my first set, used on a Mk IV, were virtually flash and clean up free. Whereas, 10 years or so later, a set for a Panther G needed some work.

Generally though, not much more clean-up than competitor’s productions and although it looks like you had a particularly bad experience with them, personally, I still go with them every time.

Thanks, Barleeni. I just ordered some TRex from Sprue Brothers. Looking forward to trying them!

I recently used Fruils for my Hetzer and Tiran,and no such issues,so I guess its tough to generalize about them.I did look at the T-rex site and they looked nice,but if I recall shipping to the US was as much as the tracks ended up hunting the Fruils on ebay

I recently picked up some QuickTrack resin snap-together links, which are very nice and, well, a snap to put together. (You can probably do a whole set in about an hour,) They are available on the Quickwheel and Bitskrieg shop on eBay. I bought them with a kit for $20, so the prorated price for postage was practically nothing. If bought individually, postage is an additional $6. They also arrived exceptionally fast (less than a week) from Poland to the USA. QuickTracks also come in almost as many varieties of Panzer III/IV tracks as T-Rex and considerably cheaper and easier to assemble.
Hope this helps in the discussion


Yes I have tried to get T-Rex and shipping is ridiculous

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They seem to be proud that is “only” costs $25,-?

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If you order one item from most any place the shipping cost is going to be expensive from many countries. Given how small/light 3D printed tracks and other items are, the intent of T-Rex is that you can order many items and pay a flat rate. If you order five sets of tracks/other parts, postage per set now becomes $5 per item, which is much more reasonable. T-Rex makes many items now so most anyone should be able to find 5 items that are of use to them? And if not, order T-Rex from a place like HobbyEasy, where once again, you have lots of other items to choose from to make the postage more affordable.

In these days of constantly rising postage costs, I seldom buy one item from a vendor. I wait until I have a large enough order to make the postage worthwhile (which is also why I appreciate HLJ’s Warehouse, even if thier prices are not always the best). Most of my orders these days from HobbyEasy are at least $300.

That is certainly true Jon . I have been tempted to order a few sets from them which would make it more economical.

Thanks for posting this. I think these will suit my builds well.