Tractor for M127

Hi All, well the M127 trailer arrived and now it needs a tractor. Obvious answer in RM’s M52 ………when its back in production.

I was wondering though, would these trailers have been towed by M800 series tractors?

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Thanks Gino. Appreciate your expertise.

The Trailer kit is crap and has many faults…

Thats a pity. I posted on here asking for input on their build quality. Maybe I should have waited.

That said, their label changed in 2020, so maybe the quality has improved………

Even if quality would be Best, it still has too many inaccuracies. I ve printed the Trailer in 3 d in very good accuracy… But it s very expensive…

Well, RM stuff aint cheap. What price 3 M813 cab, floor, airfilter sets?

Rm stuff is cheap compared to 3d printing :grinning:

You mean printing using shapeways or your own printer ? the latter should not be that expensive…

Shapeways is too expensive, i have my own printer and it s 70 Dollar the Resin only

wow, that’s a lot of resin… is it solid? or perhaps I’m missing the real size of the model.

The M127 trailer is a stakeside flatbed with removable side wall panels.

The RM resin kit is the same, so it isn’t that much resin.

It is pretty big. The trailer is about 10 inches long and requires quite bit of frame and other parts to complete it.

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Beautiful build Gino. Hope RM put that tractor back in production.

Not my build, just an example lifted off the net. It does look pretty good though.

There are no good builds out at the Moment

I’ll amend my last comment. I’m going to (eventually) use an AFV Club M54 as the basis for the M52.

Still gonna try an M813 using Italeri M925 and RM’s cab tho.