Tribal class HMS Cossack 1/350

After a long, long break caused by real life i am back to shipbuilding. I am increasingly interested in the smaller craft from destroyers down. I have still two half-finished “Flowers” on the slipway…
For a long time i wanted to start my tribal class “Eskimo” but the errors in the kit (bow shape, boats, Pom Pom) kept me from doing so. After the demise of WEM i found it a bit difficult to get the necessary parts and scratchbuilding a quadruple Pom Pom sounds not like fun for me.
So i will start with the bow which has a slightly wrong shape and more importantly is missing the graceful sheer.

I have seen some ways to correct this by rising the deck at the stem, but i want to try something different :wink:.

More to come soon



This is a real PITA as the prow has to be raised 3mm and extended slightly to conform to the rake curvature, then the hull edges have to be rebuilt upwards and outwards to continue the flare to make it a continuous arc. Then the deck also has to be widened and lengthened slightly at the bow to conform to the new dimensions and shape. Much filling and putty-ing. Trumpeter really dropped the ball on this one! Fun for all!! :grin: :grin:
If you want to be really anal, fill in the upper row of portholes and arrange a new row to follow the new sheer line. I didn’t go that far! :woozy_face:

@ Biggles50 It is a PITA! I did this with my improved Flower and it took ages.

But I have a cunning plan to restore the graceful sheer and the shape of the stem.
Three careful cuts with my japanese bamboo saw!

Please note that no bulleye was harmed during production of this photo!
A small wedge at gaps at the stem creates an angle. Everything is supported by plastic sheet from the backside. And voilá, back is the sheer and stem of the Tribal.

This will be now much easier to fill, the shape of the deck repains unchanged and the line of the stem is corrected. I got this idea when i saw a picture in another website where somebody put the hull on a original plan of the vesseland the deviatin could be clearly seen.
The forefoot need to be more angular. I will correct this when I fill the gaps. I will see how easy that really is.




Hmmm… :thinking: :+1: :+1:
And you even get the portholes in the right line!

Hi Tom!

Well, I’m following with interest as I’ve the same kit in the stash and am planning to build HMS Punjabi!

Like you, I scoured around the net, looking for aftermarket to correct the kits inadequacies and finding some items available at WEM (boats and props - cos Trumpy got them wrong too) I settled on Northstar for the 4 barreled pom-poms, the 0.5" machine guns and 4" aft gun replacement, but it now seems Northstar have become difficult to source too!

Luckily for us, Micro Master in New Zealand have stepped up with lots of lovely aftermarket parts that could assist too :slightly_smiling_face:

Meanwhile I’ll be watching closely as to how your bow modifications turn out :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Biggles50 thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

@Russelle: I got a new set from Black Cat, complete with boats, all weapons and a lot of accessories. Just arrived today, not unpacked yet. I will put in a few pics when I find the time.
I like HMS Cossack because she was never much converted and shows the clean original design. If all goes well with her maybe a late war Tribal will follow her :slightly_smiling_face:


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I remember Sid (Red Duster)'s solution, which was to do HMS Eskimo AFTER the bow was blown off at Narvik. :slight_smile:


@Shanghaied Tom, i didn’t know about the black cat set… There truly has never been more choices as an modeller :slightly_smiling_face:

Another (Late war) Tribal? Maybe it’s time for a Tribal campaign?

@Danie Does anyone know whatever happened to Si? He used to be a prolific blogger on MSW and his absence is unusual… :thinking:

Hi Tom!

I’m in and watching, looks like the beginning of a great build log! I have two of those Trumpi Tribals in my stash, have not started one yet. One reason is the wrong bow shape, so im following your approach closely. Your way looks very promising!

@Danie and @Russelle , same thoughts here - where is or what happened to Si? I hope he’s all right, I am missing his models and build logs very much!


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@JJ Thanks :grinning:
Sanding takes a little more time than expected even if it is not difficult. Also want to make the forefoot more angular. I hope tomorrow I can show the result.

In the meantime a pic of the Black Cat set:

Looks pretty complete and very detailed
But the tinyness of the parts is quite intimidating. I am really afraid to unpack them.

We will see how much of I will destroy with my clumsy fingers.

More tomorrow



I wish they would sell the screws as separate parts. That’s the only thing I need. I sourced the rest of the bits I need for my HMS Zulu from MicroMaster.

I thought MicroMaster have the propellers too?


@McRunty @Shanghaied

Yep, appears they sell propellers too

Those are new. Definitely weren’t there when I bought last year. Very exciting news!

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Not to hijack the thread but is anyone able to order from Micro Master?. I attempted to but when I tried to check out it said his cart system was unavailable.

Finished wiht sanding and a putty. Made the forefoot more angular, too

I lost some rainguards of the bulleyes in the process. Not sure if should restore it. I need to check the bulleyes anyway against the drawings in my plans. Btw , I got the John Roberts book with the builders plans. If somebody need a detail I maybe could help

Next will be propeller shafts and rudder.




Looks great. I wish I had thought of that when I did mine. So much neater and more precise.

You can see where the hull side stops flaring out and goes vertical (due to sanding etc). Your bow is also much straighter. Your technique is definitely the best one I have seen.


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This was my attempt. I was happy with that until now…



Hi Rory, if you click on their home page it shows they’re temporarily closed for stock take etc. No doubt they’ll reopen soon… Are you planning to start your tribal soon?

Oh, this had turned out most excellent Tom! :+1:

I’m planning on purchasing the Builders plans book by John Roberts very soon.

Could you tell me if there’s a lines plan in there? There could be another alternative to correcting the bow shape… :thinking::cowboy_hat_face: