Trick or Treat

What did you use for power supply? That is really awesome

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Nothing fancy here. The LED eyes were cannibalized from another Halloween decoration, along with a twin AA battery pack, hot-glued into the head. Voice synthesizer is an off the shelf toy, with four different voice choices and a boom mic. The jaw is spring loaded and controlled via a pull cord.

A few miles from our home, there is a house with decorations are nothing short of stunning;

Irwin Family Lights Halloween 2021 - YouTube

This was last year’s show, this year has even more animatronics and a bubble machine that blows clouds of smoke-filled bubbles! Lights are synchronized to the music, a mesmerizing show!

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I’m glad I’m not paying the electricity bill for that one.

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Haha yeah, at :32, it reveals that they are actually drawing 110AC from their neighbor’s yard auxiliary :grin: So clever, the Irwins are :jack_o_lantern:

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Very resourceful :gear: :bulb:

WOW :astonished: awesome. That took some planning…

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Spotted these two this morning

The Lavender is blooming today as well as major Poppidge all over the yard.

The Sage is hanging on with it’s own flowers blooming as well.


Beautiful garden! all of this CA rain is paying off!

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Yes it is, Thank you

Recently purchased CDs for the front porch audio during Trick to Treating


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