Trumpeter/I Love Kit M48A1

Not sure if anyone saw this but it looks like there is an ew M48A1 in 35th coming this fall

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I saw it. I hope they also come out with an original M48 as well. Seeing how hard it is to find the Dragon M48A1 right now, this second kit will be welcome for Patton fans.

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Well, this must prove that there is a Modelling God, but boy, is he picky.


Well, in the past six months a second early M48 and three different M114s in 1/35….

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Just saw that this kit is available at Sprue Brothers.

My delight at seeing the subject was severely dampened by the price, even Sprue Bros “discounted” number. I guess I’m still stuck in the dark ages.

Yeah that price is nuts . No way

I agree it’s pricey.

I used top secret side job money to order it. Should be here Thursday.

I’ll post some pics of the contents/ plans etc.

My only other ILK build was an M65 280, and it looked and built like a Hobby Boss/Merit kit.

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No. That price is stupid money for a vanilla tank kit. Without a metal barrel and full PE, it should be half that.


Here’s what you get. I’ll let ya’ll judge for yourselves.



Build it now.
You must.

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I’ll get to it…

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I’m interested in seeing how well it is.

Hard to judge only from the posted photos but my 2 cents if anyone cares.
I liked:

  1. Individual track links
  2. Mantlet cover
  3. Road wheels - although multiple parts may be tedious and my 3D printed ones would be more accurate. :smiley:
  4. Mud holes in the sprocket wheels
  5. Separate final drive housings
  6. Separate detail parts - springs, tools, hooks, etc.
  7. Basic PE
  8. Some casting texture (hard to see though - faint)
  9. Seems like a straightforward build with small part count

What I didn’t like seeing:

  1. Of course, close to 80 USD price tag before shipping. Yikes.
  2. Half split barrel parts - seriously in 2022? No metal barrel at that price?
  3. Some molded on details instead of separate (e.g., handles, etc.)
  4. No casting numbers on the turret (maybe I missed them)
  5. No interior detail whatsoever
  6. No accessories like spare wheels, stowage, etc. at that price

Looks like it will build nicely.

Kind regards,


Are these photos of the trees any better?

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I’m not crazy about the Dragon style separate tires for the road wheels.

The two piece barrel is a let down.

I was disappointed with the grab handles on the engine deck. Although it does have a bunch of PE tie downs on the turret.

When I opened the box the first thing I saw was the upper hull and thought Dragon…my second thought was the awful way that Big D attached the mounts for the return rollers and the return rollers to the mounts and then I saw the mounts were molded in….

At least they’re not wrapped in Chinese cellophane.

Well, thanks for sharing the photos, Arch. It certainly helps other modelers to make a decision on purchasing the kit. I personally wouldn’t buy it.
At $80, I’d expect a metal barrel and full or somewhat full interior.


I guess, if you love the kit, you can overlook the missing items…