Trumpeter New Jan 2023

Found these:


Hobby Boss


All 1/35

The detail views for the Patriot launcher are in fact for a M984A2 wrecker…


some mistake in the shop software. The german version doesn’t show them.

I hope not, a Chinese hobby site has the helo as a Sept. release. But, I’ll take one whether it is this year or next.

Whoa! Is that actually a Pershing 2 I see there? Buh-luddy-hell.

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possible. Modellbau König is not the fastest one regarding getting new kits in stock.

i like the helicopter but 1/48 would make it more affordable as €100 for 1/35 scale is a little steep.

I really want that C-RAM … time to save and sweet talk SWMBO

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David, I think Hobby Boss do one, or is that a different variant? In 1:48 I mean.

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Alternate Camo version John?


Some really nice-looking kits there. The M1001 and Pershing launcher look really nice too. The M1001 was also the early prime mover for PATRIOT missiles in Europe.

Hopefully they will follow up w/a HEMTT A4 soon, they are almost there. The extended A3 cab is the same as the A4 and PLS cab. They would just need to redo the engine area/radiators and the new air-ride suspension units.

HB has released a 1/48th scale Ka-27…


Thnak God you commented Gino - I thought it was just me turning somersaults over the arrival of a Pershing in 1:35!

Nope…you’re not alone! I’ve been wanting a Pershing II kit for decades! Got my eye on that C-RAM and German AVLB too! Looks like it might be time to sell a kidney! :grin:

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

I will chip in half of one of mine if it helps lol

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Yeah - the wife might have to go…

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There’s at least 3 kits on that list that are going to find their way into my stash - then add $180 for resin wheels for them! Might have to start saving now…I can cut down a little on the groceries…


Outstanding! Great to see a man with his priorities in order!


i just wish some one would do a decent 1/48 KA-50 or KA-52

Is the C-RAM with HEMTT A3 only a marketing prototype? Aren’t all C-RAMs in U.S. Army service mounted on towed trailers?

I believe that the C-RAM HEMTT A3 can’t fit inside amphibious ships…the Phalanx CIWS is too tall, I think.