Turning a Trumpeter T90S into an Iranian Karrar

Hello, I wonder how hard it’d be, I already know I have to scratch the frontal armor ERA and do changes on the turret, but I think it’s doable. I don’t think a manufacturer will get this tank out anytime soon.

Thanks for yourr answers!

What is a Karrar?

The Karrar is an Iranian third generation MBT, based on the T72.


A link on it Karrar Main Battle Tank - Tank Encyclopedia

The latest Trumpeter T-72BM3 looks like a decent bet if you’re planning on scratching a Karrar. Ive got the Tiger one too and it looks like a really nice kit.

Let us know how you get on.

funny i was thinking of doing the same thing with zvezdas t-90ms that i picked up.

Well… From the looks of the first picture, if that is what you are replicating, most of the detail other than a welded turret will be hidden by the thermal camo cover.