Twin-engine bombers

Group Build Title: Twin-engine bombers

Group Build Leader(s): @phil2015

Group Build Description: Just wrapping up twin engine fighters campaign and thinking I want to do it again! Last time a few folks wanted to do some bombers and I disallowed it unless the bomber was used as a fighter. So this one is for bombers/attack aircraft. A twin-engine fighter will be fine if it could carry bombs/rockets/etc and is so depicted in the build.

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Yes. Usually when I do that it creates a box in the thread where people can reply. I don’t know how I botched it this time.

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I think I am in! Deciding on the B-25D from academy (accurate miniatures repop) or the Hobby boss A-6 intruder if that would be okay?

A-6? 2 Pratt & Whitneys … check!

I might go real simple and do a f-15 bombcat, He-111, or Su-25.

Might move my un stareted Westland Whirlwind from twin engined fighters to this campaign as I originally intended to depict it with bombs

Ah, an embarrassment of riches. Scalemates tells me I’ve got at least 22 candidates for this campaign. Twenty three if I want to backdate an RA-5C to an A3J. :roll_eyes: Oh, and how about an F-117, it really wasn’t a fighter, more of an attack bomber, Same with attack Helicopters. :question: OOH, I could do an AT-37, dredge though a bunch of old Airfix twins, or some modern Revell, Italeri and Hasegawa twins. Decisions, decisions. Now if I could just finish something… :wave:

Those all sound good except the helicopter - but maybe that’s ok (I really know nothing about helicopters). I’d love to see an F-117, that’s definitely in! . Do we ever have helicopter campaigns here?

I think Gil means this Whirlwind Phil


Yes, there’s a Huey Heaven II going on or just starting and I finished a Sea Cobra for Helicopters 2 last year. Well add the F-117 to my list of maybes. :wave:

Just checked and saw fighters with bomb loads are cool too! Might build my Cf-18! It played a crucial role in bombing isis and in Afghanistan as a bomber of sorts

You know, I’m sure there’s an all black twin engine bomber just calling your name for a reprise!

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Yeah, but dude, you have some nice real bombers in your list!

Yeah true! May due the B-25! Not sure I want to tackle the intruder till my skills improve

Lol… Ok… I’m down as interested… Will start doing some research into it