Twin-engine fighters

Group Build Title: Twin-engine fighters

Group Build Leader(s): @Phil2015

Group Build Description: Any twin-engine fighter, any scale, any time period. This is broadly conceived so something like a Ju-88 night fighter would be fine.

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Completion Award: To be determined.

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Any interest in this as a campaign idea?

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Very tempted to jump in with a Rafale C, I’ll have to see where my builds are by October though. If I can finish everything on my plate by then I’m in

Mmm… Interested, my track record of completed campaigns recently it not good but with some renewed interest in the New Guinea and Solomon’s campaign I think I can push myself to complete either a USAAF P-38, P-70 Nighthawk or a RAAF Beaufighter.


I’ll join.
I think the vast majority of aircraft in my stash are twin engine so the only difficult choice is deciding what to do.
Do I go for a Beaufighter or F-4? Tornado F3?

I am in - could be a F-18 in adversary camo scheme - or maybe a Bf-110, which I guess also counts as a fighter.


Yes, the end date of this campaign will suit me. I have a 1/48 Do 17 from ICM in my stash, which wants to join the Suomen Ilmavoimat. Rare decals, but I have them … :slightly_smiling_face: But I also have some others to choose from, even jets. So that could work.

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I imagine we’ll get a nice mix of WW2 propeller fighters and modern twin engine models. At least I hope that is the case!

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Just to clarify rules, are twin-engine ground attack fighters included or is it strictly air-air?
I have my choice made (an F-4J Mig Killer), but the the thought just occurred to me.
For example would a Tornado F.3 be ok for the build but not a GR.1?

I tend to be expansive when thinking about what to allow. I think something that is a pure ground attack plane might not be that interesting but something that could do both would be fine. The USMC used their phantoms mainly (only?) for ground attack in Vietnam but they were quite capable of operating in aerial combat if armed correctly. I think the GR.1 was kind of similar - couldn’t it function as an interceptor as well?

Does that help at all?

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Yes, that makes sense.

GR.1/4, it was a very different beast to the F.2/3. That was built for precision strike. They could carry a pair of Sidewinders and later ASRAAM’s for self-defence, but wasn’t equipped for air-air. The F.2/3 interceptors carried a different radar and recessed bays under the belly for Skyflash missiles. There’s another variant, the ECR, that’s configured for Electronic Warfare and SEAD. The RAF also toyed with the idea of turning redundant F.3 airframes into a similar role, but I don’t think it went far. I do remember seeing photos years ago of one carrying a load of ALARM missiles.
Despite its label of multi-role, the different versions of Tornado were highly specialised.
Very different to the F-4 or F-18 which can do it all.

So an F.2 would be ok, not a GR.1. Same could be said of Beaufighter if we follow that logic. An NF.1 yes, TF.X no.

Split the difference, do a BF110 as a USAF adversary…
Do Twin Ion Engines count?



Interesting discussion - I guess the main criteria is that the main purpose of the fighter is just that - being a fighter to destroy enemy planes in the air.

Just my two cents :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve made my choice for the build. Probably in the VF-114 colours.



Ooops! I thought of any twin engines … The Do 17 I could build for this campaign is a … bomber … :open_mouth: So am I out then?


When you said Do 17 I assumed you were going to do the night fighter variant of it which would be fine. I had in mind fighters, even if they started as bombers but operated as fighters. If that doesn’t get enough interest, maybe we’ll modify it to twin-engine X…


I think the Nightfighter variant would be ok.

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I like the twin engine fighters. Many interesting planes that started out as bombers and were adapted for other roles.

I’m currently deciding between

  1. Rafale C (already in stash)
  2. CF-188
  3. P-38 Lightning
  4. mosquito
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I am in on this one…
First campaign in a long long time…
I will do a Italian Eurofighter Typhoon
Will need to make some decals for this one:


The Finns have used their Do 17 as a bomber and for recon but not as a night fighter. Sorry, this means I’m out … :unamused:


Don’t count yourself out just yet. Still lots of time before the start and lots of subjects that fit.
I’m trying to think of what else the Finn’s used that would work for the campaign. Did they fly Me110’s or just the 109’s?

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