Twin-engine fighters

Torsten, i am sure you will come up with something. Plenty to choose from! There must be something in the stash? :wink:

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So I received a notification that an event is about to start that pointed to this thread. OK. It’s a month out. Does that mean it got some editorial approval, or something else?

I got the same notification. I didn’t think it was starting yet.

Ooh, I’ve got plenty of candidates; P-38 (3 flavors), F/A-18 (2), F-89, F-14, F-15, YF-22, F-22, F7F, F2H, Maybe even a Beaufighter and an Me 262. So far, an ancient Airfix P-38 is the leading candidate.


Made my choice!


Very nice choice, Mead!

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Thanks! Kit looks really nice! A mueseum near me has been restoring a Mosquito, ever since seeing it there ive been in love with the mosquito. The same museum also got a Lancaster back to having its engines fire up recently!

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So, is this a go? I think we have enough interest. I’ll be on the road this weekend, but would like to enable everyone to get started. I may not start until the holidays. I’m really psyched about this one!

I’m 100% in but likely won’t start till the holidays either. I have 5 builds in various stages of completion right now and I’m trying to get myself to the point where I have a max of two builds on the go

I’m dreaming about that too…

I find any more than that and I get discouraged cuz I feel like none of them are progressing

I have 5 builds started and I realize I’m working on two of them. And reflecting on it, I realize I work on two at a time almost all the time, so I’m just going to chip away at the 5 until I get it down to 1, doing that two at a time, then I’ll start another. That is the dream anyway…

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Yes, I know that pain. I’ve got one that I’m pushing towards the finish line. One that needs some post campaign tweaks. Four new hanger queens and 9 older hanger queens arrayed around the desk and 4 new projects that want to get started. :roll_eyes:
If/when I get this kicked off, it will be the Heller (Airfix?) 1/72 P-38G. It’s a ‘starter’ kit, with 4 pots of dried out paint, a tiny yellow tube of glue and a missing paint brush. Building, painting and decaling could be simple, it’s filling seams that could take forever. :wave:

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I always try to limit myself to one armor build and one plane build at the time. Not working right as i have 5 builds going.

However, I never try to push something through to get it finished. If I loose my mojo on a build I will switch to another build and continue when I feel like it.

It is a hobby after all, so if it is not fun I will do something else. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in, lots of choices as it covers WW2 till today… :thinking:
See you later, mates, and good luck!
Peter :raising_hand_man:

I’m interested, have a Dragon Ju-88 G6 nightfighter and a Tamiya Nakajima Gekko to choose from.

Both interesting subjects!

I think we’ll have a lot of cool builds.

I am ready to get going.
I hope this is where I post my build, I do not see another Twin-engine build forum

Printed out the decals I need for tail, canards and brake.


I think it is. Once it gets moved from the staging area to … you should be able to start a subthread dedicated to your build if you want. I think…

I am not sure how to start a sub-thread.
I looked around but did not see any thing that might help me.
Still getting used to this new format and stuff. (Plus I am old and get confused easily :confused:)