Ukraine War sources for daily updates

Operator Starsky, a Ukraine soldier who handles intelligence in the Army. Obviously thing get vetted well before his release. Usually days behind in actual battlefield movements.

Denys Davydov Ukraine civilian airline pilot that because of the war has turned to informing. He is known for doing daily even multiple videos daily of map updates.

You can find many videos of him talking about Bayraktar’s. With hundreds of videos of manpads of various countries and complete timeline of Turkeys supplying of Bayraktar throughout the war and the weapons destryoed by them. Also focuses on Himars.

Vlad Vexler, speaks English/American with a heavy Russian accent:

Russian Dude, more Russian accent, could do voice coaching for Hollywood productions:

Insights from Ukraine and Russia , if you like to listen in on private calls by Russian soldiers phoning home:

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The insights I watch everyday also. Ved Vexlar I watch also.

If you like that then you will like Volodymyr Zolkin. Ukraine interrogation officer. Interviewing 100s upon 100s of Russians and other factions on why they came to you Ukraine. He lets them call family and you also here the complete disconnect about anything state run.

And also UATV, same thing with intercepted calls.

Interesting, but a LOT of words. Although the display on the map is very informative.

Thanks for the name, I have watched this channel but I temporarily forgot the name yesterday

The interactive map is here, updates are intentionally lagging to avoid giving away the actual positions:

There is also another map, based on different information:

This is more of a link to a channel that keeps up with all the yacht’s being seized. There are a lot of them. Goes into tracking them, were they are running to, who they are owned by, links to Putin and other Gas and telecom companies in Russia.

When ever a story does seem to make it to main stream media in the U.S. he has talked about it days before or even used his footage without a shot out.

He has a very large community that works in the secret culture of yacht’s and the owners. Talks what countries built them and which are offering safe harbor to the ones that escaped. But some sanctions have to actually start later this year or next and will make it very hard to even fuel the yacht’s that escaped.

Many of the ones that are seized are from Putins inner circle. Also likes to touch on the stories of CEO’s of Russian countries falling out windows or mysteries deaths since invasion.

Sudden and unexplainable deaths seems to have become a recent hobby with rich Russians …


If you are into statics, countries policy evaluation, current and future arming of countries, number of weapons used, problems with logistics, how other countries have started shopping elsewhere for there future weapon needs from current platform usage failures or success.

Might want to start with earlier ones where you can see predictions made and if they ended up coming true.

Great stuff to listen to while playing in the background while build your tank.

Of course you meant “special deaths,” right?

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Of course! How stupid of me!
Special Mortality Operation …


Colleagues, let’s not immediately bring politics into this.
We place here links to speeches of other people, but we ourselves will not comment. You can guess that I can also throw links with speeches by Russian and pro-Russian commentators or speak caustically about the situation in Europe and the USA. But I don’t do it.
Let others speak and write, and we will listen and read!


Yes, sum links go into personal opinions on hopes of situation. I tune that part out. If one ever wants to get into the nuts and bolts of ANY weapons system ever produced, Janes is the source. My Dad gave me a military edition of Jane’s Weapon Systems 1980-81 934 pages when I was 10 years old. The company IS the shopping bible used by countries when arming there country with other countries hardware.

This book even at 10 year old helped to open ones eyes to future countries alliance’s and ambitions as the arms market controls country policies and future goals. Interesting opening a book and seeing certain weapons system ads by manufactures being showcased in the front and rear. As if you reading car and driver magazine and seeing the in between articles the placement of Ford and Chevy pushing that years model.


I would also, in terms of reference books like Janes, recommend ‘The Military Balance’ by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. It can be quite fascinating to find out what countries were armed with at what period in time.

IISS Website.

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telegram is also a good source for info possibly?


Newest source for understanding the Russian mind.

Deleted by the author, in the hope of understanding.

hmm, using a British source to understand us? How did that go for them back in 1776?

P.S. I dont disagree with anything in the video. it seems to show slips of the mind, difference is I can tell that I know how to research an issue instead of plugging my mind into RT.

I didn’t fully understand you either.
I am not connected to RT and I am not trying to convince you.
Your topic was good in that it provided links to channels of information, and not to specific materials. This was the value.
And posting links to individual videos is not interesting. You can find millions of links against both Russia and NATO.
PS I will remove my post. I just showed what your topic will turn into.