Ukraine War sources for daily updates

I wanted to create this page to show choices to create different links to youtube sources mainly. if you would like to share or disagree feel free. I post the links to come to your own opinions. As my view might be tilted feel free to share things that show different thoughts, realities, beliefs. I am not acting like I know everything and would be open to anybodies different view.

I will show some links sources and actual videos that can get you up to speed very quickly on the why of it all.

One should start with a documentary on the 2014 uprising. Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom | Full Feature | Netflix - YouTube


link to an article posted showing Putins declaration of 09/30/2022 annexation from WION. A channel from India with hundreds of reports form interviews on countries views and policies about the war.

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Link to Mercado media. An ex army U.S. soldier showing daily map updates and links to other peoples daily reports about the war from both sides. His daily videos average about 2.5 hours a day of war review.

He had live video feeds up starting Feb 24th showing the daily progress on city and town cameras. Eventually feeds taken down as it was probably hurting Ukrainian operational security. I would watch the life feeds for hours while doing other things around the house.

Will have a gander at these later when I am home from work as I have restrictions on my work PC to what is allowed on our network


I did watch the Annexation thing by Putin earlier and he just seemed to be in a rant mode and going off on tangents about it all. I does look like he has issues of some description

@Johnnych01 I will show you some videos showing actual words coming out of his mouth and how it bipolars weekly.

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a video posted a year ago showcasing Ukraine’s pride and values it values. Followed by a link showing the star girl from that video and how the war involved her directly from shelling a few months ago.

a year later a follow up from radio free Europe which has hundreds of videos and views on the war.

Roman, a Russian that has daily channels that slowly shows his beliefs system change as the war starts and how it effects daily life. Funny presentations light humor and his view of how Russians might want to think.

John Sweeny a reporter that was arrested by Ukraine security forces in the first days of the war when they thought he was a Russian Agent or spy. He has become good friends with the soldier that arrested him. They have both done many videos together as the soldier has taken him around the country to show Russia’s crimes.

An interview with him as he has years of knowledge examining Putins behavior his entire life. he has a book out about it.

Search results from many sources interviewing John Sweeny years before the Feb 24th start.

Im going to have a take a weeks leave to read through all these lol

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@Johnnych01 yes, I am going to be posting a large amount of sources. Sorry if it blows up your inbox alerts.

iearlgray own words: British Broadcaster living in Russia and Lover Of Mischief and Mayhem. Attracting Deluded Dissidents and Wayward Western Friends, seeking their favourite flavour of propaganda…

The RAND Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous. RAND is nonprofit, nonpartisan, and committed to the public interest.

Mission: To help improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis

Core Values: Quality and objectivity

WION picking putins brain. A quick overview of his rise and desires.


DW News from there about page:

DW News. Love them, probably because I lived there while my dad served.

Views from the country most effected by the pipeline issue and why?, it was possibly done.

A commentary piece… Potential sabotage: What's behind the Nord Stream pipeline leaks? | DW News - YouTube

NATO response to Putin’s speech on 09/30/2022 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg holds a press briefing at NATO headquarters | DW News - YouTube

Speak the truth by Robert. An ex Army sniper served in Afghanistan. Daily reports and map breakdowns of battle movements form both sides.

I’m down to the John Sweeney part… Some interesting bits this far :+1:

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@Johnnych01 I really think you might like this one. Peter Zahn. Do a search as this link is not his channel. It was him guest speaking. If you want to see current and future causes of this war for the whole world watch him break it down completely.

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Lots of thoughts about economy, demographics, geography. He isn’t too cheerful about our future though :wink: