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MasterBox informs us on the latest development in the company and the upcoming release of Ukrainian soldier in 1/24 scale. Check out the company's press release.

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Glad to see that Masterbox is still in business. I really enjoyed my conversation with Mr. Zhushenko at the Nuremberg toy fair. was a little afraid after his homepage went offline. All the Best to Masterbox and the rest of Ukraine!

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I would love to see this in 1/16th scale to make a Trifecta.

OK, I am being nitpicky here, but I’m very surprised that he doesn’t have some form of domestic or foreign Anti-tank rocket launcher strapped to his back. That is the key difference in this conflict.

And at 1/24 scale, it is going to be hard to find a 1/24 rocket launcher unless someone (such as Large Scale Armory) makes them.


At 1/24 scale it would be relatively easy for us do make one ourselves.

When it is available in 1/35, there is the Black Dog set that includes a couple Javelins.

@DennisatAutoloader was looking at making a NLAW in 1/35, I would think it could be scaled up to 1/24 also.

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Blackdog missile container is not correct. You can only use the Command Lauch Unit.

That’s great, looks good. Mollie is nicely rendered.
Mix it (with their?) 1/24 scale swat figures and maybe Mitsubishi Pajero.

I personally feel 1/35 scale would have provided more options but so easy to convert modern figures.

1/24 scale makes it easier to paint the Ukrainian Multicam(?).

When you do 'em in 1/35, I’ll definitely get whatever you make in this range.

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The gray / green very hard. I counted 7 colors… The tan / brown not bad.
I tried gray/green 3 times on my UDF GaZ figure and gave up, went tan / brown.
But digital camo (or most camo) IMEO is hard to master.

I have some US Woodland decal camo (old Masterbox actually) I’m going to try on my current Ukranie figure K-Pot.


Its not hard to convert modern military figures, most will work if they are in Mollie.
I’m converting most Tamiya WW2 german figure, cause that what I have…
And AK’s sure, but there’s alot M4’s and Tavors too.

These are 2 figure kits for PMC in Middle East (Trumpy) that would work well too w/ diff heads.

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By and large I’m not impressed with the quality of their castings. I’d post photos of what I’m talking about, but I’ve already done so in the past. Life is too short to fool around looking for where I pigeonholed their stuff to post again.
Maybe time to replace Black Dog with one of the Big Dogs.

I emailed Mary this morning, and got an immediate response back that they are indeed fine and thanking me for my support.

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Would like to see a figure with a NLAW.

Another Javelin option is from SSR Models on Facebook in this set:


The only downside of many of the Iraq or Afghan wars figures is that for the most part they are wearing obvious hot weather clothing with sleeves up etc. Harder to find guys in winter cold weather gear

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1/35 for me please!

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Knowing myself I will probably never finish it, but pretty sure I will buy it just to support the company in these times.

These SSR Models look awesome! Do they have an email address and price for those not on Facebook?