Under New Management…

Trumpeter’s BRDM-2… still not finished….maybe too heavy chipping…shovel not completely painted….antennas….wheels….windows…weathering…still to go

I have not built a armour kit in about a year…it’s amazing how much you forget with a time out

Early March, I saw a :ru:BRDM with a :ukraine: yellow stripe painted thru the “Z”…that was the inspiration…”O” was the easy way out for painting the front ID mark


Looks good Dave and nice theme. As for the chipping … Well, looking at some of the wagons/wrecks that have been abandoned or reused… Your chipping is understated :grin:


Really impressive shading of the green. Looks nice. I would not comment on the chipping until you finish the rest of the weathering. By the way, for me a circle or “O” would be harder to do freehand than the “Z”. Hope you can add a figure, even a civilian walking by.


great idea, let’s see more pictures please.

This turned up on Tik Tok today…a Tiger having a similar issue to the BRDM-2……goodbye circles


GREAT IDEA! There is so much to be said for having the home field advantage. Hats off to the Ukranians. Russia thought it was going to be a cake walk, instead it has been Afghanistan II for them. The Russians have not painted a very good picture of the battle doctrine let alone the overall dicipline of there troops. Sure hope everyone at the puzzle palace are taking lots of notes!

Thanks… I have a bunch of Trumpeter kits eg. GRAD, 2S19, BTR, etc in need of new :ukraine: ownership or could be :fire: burnt out…with no shortage of reference photos for ideas …

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Wheels on…windows in…wipers done with black sharpie…window armour covers attached…coat of thinned out Tamiya Buff for dust

Still remaining….radios…searchlight…and some straw I was gonna have caught up in a couple places…periscope on front angle armour

I wish the wheels were plastic then I could do some confident painting…
The rubber crap I find challenging…


Looking pretty good Dave. Some really nice detailing on it :+1:

While I agree in principle, I found this to be useful.

Commercial Trucking 2021 (Jan-Dec) - #170 by AussieReg?

I like what you have done with this build. :+1:

I have these Tamiya products…
Will have to try them out on the “rubber”

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More done today…searchlight…antennas…mirror…scope beside mirror…

Still have to paint tail lights…add straw…maybe something else


Looks great. I picked up that kit yesterday to do something similar.

I pulled out the Trumpeter 2S19 kit last night to start…will end up like the BRDM-2…under new ownership


Went to my LHS today…the quest continues….


Ukraine already operates the MSTA.
So technically not under new management :thinking::grin:

Well if said MSTA has painted out :ru: O, V, Z tactical insignia on it with :ukraine: colours, I would say technically, figuratively and practically it is under new management…:wink:

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