Unfinished Business 2020 Group Build...cont

Hi, Just setting up a thread to parallel the old Forum one. You can either post here, or post in both until the old Forum is locked down.

Still plenty of time for anyone that has not already enlisted to join in - I’m sure there are ‘Shelf Queens’ begging for attention in your collection… :wink:

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is this what campaigns are called now? ‘group builds’?

A lot of guys call them Group Builds rather than Campaigns, even though that is the general title they all fall under in the old Forum. I guess it comes down to personal choice and I do not think it really matters as long as everyone has fun joining in.

To me a Campaign is a specific action covered in a specific time period where as a group of people all finishing shelf queens that can be any genre Historical, what if, Sci-fi or civil… doesn’t quite gel with Campaign. Whereas, a Group Build being a group of modellers building under a common purpose - to finish a part started model - seems more to the point. Others will see it differently, and so be it…



not worried about the name, i was just wondering where the campaigns section had gone (and my tank emoji that i use to sign off has gone)

@deerstalker36 You can always save the icon as a pic and direct link it :
https: //imgur. com /C3R94cW Take out the spaces and you get

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I know I’m probably not the only one here…but being a “member” of this campaign (group build) does not appear for me. So far the navigation is spartan at best. No build photos…is that the norm? No membership to this campaign shows up…is that also to be a norm? :thinking:

@vettejack, John , I think its just because this a thread @petbat started to carry on from the old site, and no one has posted any pictures here yet. I will try and post a link to the old thread unless someone else beats me to it, that way people can still see their builds and they progressed. not sure on the members part for the campaign. I was a member but finished my 2 builds a while ago …

@Johnnych01 @vettejack Yeah, I should have added this to the first post.

Page 1 of the old thread:

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Guess I’ll post here. Was working on a British T-34 (still am) but I am also working on finishing this:

Amusing Hobby Lowe that I started building back in 2014. Honestly, the tracks made me lose interest, and it also got dropped and I lost some bits which didn’t help.

Recently went back and started working on it again, making some changes:

new MG mount, and only one headlight centrally mounted.

kit tools have soft detail and no tow rope and missing some tools. Sourced some from Tamiya and Trumpeter.

Already has two of those C shaped bits up front so I decided to put a box on the rear

My repaired turret with replacement Tamiya bits

Added a lifting hook to the back of the turret, also added track holders to the back of the turret.


Looks good so far with what you’re adapting on it. what will the finished cam be ? or is that still in the planning stage ?

It’s already primed, painted and gloss coated. Made my first attempt at an octopus camo. It think it came out ok, just need to get some weathering done.

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Nice upgrade work with the new parts. Sometimes that is what is needed to get the impetus to finish a build.

Looking forward to seeing that octopus cam. Don’t see it very often.

Cool stuff with the remade Lowe! Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:

I have made some more progress on my panzer walker. Things are really moving forward with the painting.

More to follow soon :slight_smile:

image image

So has there been a decision on how ribbons will be done on new future builds? I thought I had read something on ribbon migration happening also. Was that right?

It is clear from Staff Jim that there is no transfer of previous campaign ribbons. Very sad but it is what it is.

Staff Jim is working hard to work out something for future campaigns. What I understand is that we should not expect anything until the end of the year.
However, I hope and believe Jim will find a solution. There are a lot of builders wanting to have medals/ribbons for future group builds, so it would make sense to find a solution for the supporters.
For now I think we just have to wait.

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Ok fellas, finally finished up and got some pictures taken. Here’s my take on the Pzkfw VII Lowe. Forgot to mention and take pictures, but I also re worked the detail on the front fenders.

With a King Tiger for comparison:

Tracks aside, pretty easy and quick to build. Around the same time started this kit, I also started building the Amusing Hobby VK 30.02 DB which also sat for years until I started working on the tracks recently. Hope to finish that one up soon too.


The Lowe looks fantastic. A bit like a love-child from at Tiger 2 and JS2. Love the quirky octopus camo scheme too. Thanks for joining in. Looking forward to seeking the VK 30.02 DB too.

Beautiful Lowe!

I finished my Panzer Walker. Glad to have it done after having it standing around unfinished for months.

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Looks Fantastic Jesper. A very unusual subject. You have brought out the detail well and the end weathering is great. Thanks for Joining in the campaign too.

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