Unfinished Business 2021 Group Build

Anyone up for a Official Unfinished Business 2021 GB? Just an idea but as the year was coming to a close I thought I might throw the idea out there, as I know there are still some unfinished builds from this years campaign… :wink:
A proposed start date would be Jan.1 through Dec.31. Does that sound about right?

i’d have to check through my shelf queens to see if anything jumps out and have a few other campaigns starting, but i could be persuaded


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I have too many campaigns going now but also too many SOD kits. Maybe later in the year I can jump in. Seems like this could be a yearly campaign.

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Yes… I’m in.

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My modeling goal is to finish a shelf queen in 2021. I don’t know what I would build, it even be something that is 90% complete. I’m in.

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Thats 4, we need 6 more people… anyone else?

It is my understanding that the person required is not needed on the new forum.


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Ooh ok, nice!

Ye I’m in, if there is one thing I have lots of It’s shelf queens!

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I just might be interested again. And it might just be another M47 that’s been sitting around a dozen or more years. Gotta wait on the rules to be sure.

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I was just thinking pretty much take the rules from this years:

Time to dust off the shelf queens and get at least one each across the finish line.

Open to any model that is an unfinished state, but not any ‘as yet unstarted’ kits.

The Rules and Regs
Can be a partially built model
Can be built and awaiting paint
Can be partially painted but needs to have more work to be done than just decals added or just weathering (lets give the attention to where it is really needed)
Builds from a previously finished campaign can be entered, but no dual builds with existing running campaigns.
At least one start up pic with date, at least one in progress pic to be posted.

Participants must have fun

That sound good to everyone?

Yep…sounds good. Sign me up.

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Great, so far we have @deerstalker36 ( This is the persuasion you asked for. :wink:) @petbat @Lakota @camshaft @vettejack and possibly @Tank_1812!

Yeah, you talked me into it but I probably won’t be playing til the back 9.


I would like to take part in this campaign.

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@V1kt0R welcome and thank you for the interest in the new group build. That makes 8 of us, counting Ezra.
Take care and stay safe,
Don “Lakota”

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Welcome Viktor!

Ok. Have few unfished here. Count me in…from Feb 2021.

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We got 9 so far! :grin:

A couple hours early for me in New Mexico, but why dont we kick off this campaign!

Start date: January 1, 2021
End date: December 31, 2021

Participants (so far.):

I will be posting my starting photo in the morning. :grin:


I have some open construction sites. Mostly the Bundeswehr. One of them is a Marder 1A3 as an artillery observer. Construction is so far complete, please apply primer.

Gruß Viktor