Unfinished Business 2024

Group Build Title: Unfinished Business 2024

Group Build Leader(s): @petbat @Damraska

Group Build Description: This group build is intended for all those modellers to get any unfinished model off the shelf of shame, dry dock of doom, garage of grief, space port of self-reproach, etc, and get it completed. Aircraft are also welcome here, although there is traditionally a ‘Hanger Queen’ build each year specific to the genre.

There are only 2 rules:

  1. The model must have been started and then abandoned before completion for some time.
  2. You must have fun finishing it.

Post a start picture, pics during the completion process and then the final finished build.

Completion Award: A suitable badge will be created and awarded to all those modellers that post their final finished build before the end of the campaign.

A Note about Awards: The following text is a reminder that in order for people participating and finishing their projects to receive a badge on their forum profile, they will need to provide their account username to the group build leader by the completion date of the build. The leader will then provide this list to the site admin who will bulk award the badges to those users who have finished the group build. If you don’t provide your username or finish the project on the timetable the leader has setup you will not be able to receive an award.


@SSGToms It seems the buttons for ‘Going’, etc, have not populated in the event calendar. Are you able to fix that?


I’ve made the campaign active, but for some reason I can’t get the “Going” button to come up. There is no “Create Event” listing under the gear. @staff_Jim can you fix this for us and tell me what I did wrong please?

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Just above the box shoeing the thread data (created, #replies, etc.), I see it says Unfinished Business 2023. Maybe that is it?


Definitelly. There are abou 30 projects screaming at me to finish them right now.


No, that’s just a link to the other thread. Thanks though.

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Awesome. Thank you to Peter for getting this campaign going so quickly. There are a lot of unfinished models out there so let’s get some of them across the finish line. :slightly_smiling_face:

I suggest adding one more criteria to the eligibility list:

  1. Any unfinished model started for a closed campaign.

This criteria would allow a member who attempted but failed to finish a model for a recently closed campaign to immediately join Unfinished Business and earn a badge for his or her efforts. Essentially, it turns Unfinished Business into a second chance campaign, giving the member more time to get it done. In my opinion, this is very much in the spirit of the campaign.


I am going to start things off by bringing aboard an unfinished Sturmpanzer IV.

This model was started sometime between 2014 and 2017, shelved after a few weeks of work, restarted for Unfinished Business 2023 on June 13, 2023, and shelved again on 8/20/2023. During the second round of work it suffered major damage. This damage was mostly repaired but the project subsequently stalled a second time because of painting problems affecting all my open projects.

My goal is to resume work and finish this project over the next month or two. I purchased some new airbrush accessories over the Christmas holiday and hope they will mitigate some of my ongoing painting issues.


Oh dear, which one’s to choose from?
I have a pair of Hummers, a 250 that really needs to get done, as does a Britsh D-day landingparty. Or an Operation Urgent Fury M151. Among many others.
Perhaps I should just start with these.


I am in the same boat and even have a Sd.Kfz. 250 of my own waiting in the wings.

I think I might join with that Gnat I started for the Movie Stars campaign.
If I can figure out how the landing gear is supposed to fit.

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Ron.

All sound like good options.

Myself, I’ll probably be looking at one of these:
AFV Club M42 Duster
Takom Chieftain Mk 11
Trumpeter Panzer IV Bruckenleger
Tamiya Schutzenpanzer Marder
Dragon Jagdpanzer IV (A)
Bronco SWS Panzerwerfer 42.


Bring it aboard!

After finishing my Sturmpanzer project, I may continue with one of my own unfinished aircraft projects.

As an aside, if the campaign system supports progressive badges, I will make one that varies with the number of entries completed. One of the games I play includes such a system with really nice artwork that would work well here.


I look forward to seeing whatever you bring aboard. Every one of your completed model includes a bunch of features worth ruthlessly copying.

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Will do.
For such a small kit it’s given me a few problems, but the main gear legs are the worst. They just don’t want to go on. Airfix would have you assemble them extended before fitting the fuselage halves and belly plate together. But they’re so delicate, they wouldn’t survive being fitted so early with all the cleanup and masking. Awkward design and they didn’t think it through. I can’t remember how I managed it the first time I did that kit.


Would it be possible to build a little box and tape it to the model as a protective cover for the landing gear struts?

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I’d like to do UB2024 with this Dragon Panther D. Started in 2002 as new release, stalled a few months in, sat for 20+ years, went back on the bench in for UB2023.

It stalled again when I was away visiting family for a month.

These also need pushed over the finish line.

RFM Stug III G early started January 2023.

Dragon 15cm sFH 18 howitzer, which was started on the road last year.

Plus this Tamiya Panther G started in 1998 then abandoned for 25 years until last fall.


Wade, you’ve got stalled builds that are older than some of the modelers here.


:laughing: :rofl: :joy:

Indeed, I do. New Year resolution is to get at least four of them over the finish line this year.

My worst offender is this 30 years and counting unfinished Tamiya Pz IV J…


That’s not a bad idea. Somehow I’ve accumulated a few Airfix Gnats, so an idea I’ll keep in mind.
One of the big problems with the fitting is that you have to fit the doors to the legs first and they seem to be too big and push against the belly. As well as a poorly defined location point to glue to the legs in the first place. It needs some whittling to make it fit. In hindsight it’s something I should’ve remembered from the first time and not left till the end of the build.