Ordered a couple of items from an on line shop last Monday. Late Tuesday I was sent a tracking number. Wed UPS is waiting for the package. Ditto Thur and Fri morning. When I get home Friday night there’s my package on my porch but UPS tracking says they are still waiting for the package as of this evening. Hmm, how to you spell incompetent

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Had it the other way with FedEx - tracking says expected delivery on a Friday - update says package delivered earlier on Thursday but never received package - called FedEx and received package Saturday… WTF

Generally I like USPS but the past 6 years at my new address, they have pushed me towards UPS or FedEx. First holiday season came after 3 months of successfully finding my address. But then sister’s gift box started getting marked “no such address” and rerouted back to the regional distribution center, then sent 400 miles to a bigger center. That happened at least 3 times before our constant complaints got results. Then USPS said they couldn’t deliver it because address was obscured. No, it was not, and I took photos to the local office to ask face-to-face if it was obscured. USPS agreed it was not. It was a fairy large box and I suspect that the local yokels just didn’t want to deal with it and keep sending it away, like when people find bags of mail thrown into a gully somewhere.

Then when parent passed away, the final social security check arrived with the sealed envelope flap crudely forced open. Check was there but wasn’t big, I figure the crook didn’t want to risk jail time for a paltry amount.

Moved from a Scottsdale address and terminated address, filled out change card. Much mail arrived for 18 months. Then former (thankfully honest) neighbor found tax information letters in the grass near the community mail box. Then that same Scottsdale PO ceased sending my mail to me which almost caused me to miss property tax payment.

My big complain was last October I sent documents via expensive overnight mail. Long story short, tracking showed it left regional center at 11:23 p.m. on the 17th…and then vanished. Sixteen days later a lady room the Scottsdale PO called and told me what she thought happened. Three days later envelope was delivered. No refund for premium next-day delivery that took just short of 3 weeks to arrive.

Mailed birthday card on a Friday at a particular PO, took them three weeks to deliver it to address 5.2 road miles away. Happened a couple of times, although last week it only took 3 days.

I have a couple more exasperating situations but I figure you are bored now. In short, USPS is nice for mailing a birthday card to my dog, but I no longer trust them with anything of value. About 90% of all USPS problems I’ve had have been in the 6 years I’ve been at this address.

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They all suck!

I bought a very expensive item and had it shipped fedex with a signature required. They left it on my front porch out in the open for everyone to see.

The ups idiots would constantly deliver items to my next door neighbor. Literally like 25 times. My address was clearly visible and I checked all my forms online to make sure the proper address was listed. Still kept happening. Called to complain, was told and investigation would take place. Still kept happening.

Usps… I was expecting a package, was home, it was early evening, front window wide open facing the street, tv blaring, you can see me sitting on my couch from the street. I hear beeps and boops at my front door. I sneak up and open it as fast and aggressively as I can. I know it’s the mail"man". The package required a signature. He snuck up to my front door and started to enter in his scanner that I wasn’t home. He had already filled out the door tag and stuck it to the door. Scared the crap out of him when I openned the door the way I did. Pulled the tag off the door, handed me my package and bounced. Didn’t even let me sign.


Not bad,it came pretty quick,and in one piece,sounds good.

They have their ups and downs…

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