UR 416 scratch GN Venezuela

Que tal, tengo poca informacion sobre la historia de este vehiculo, si alguno sabe algo al respecto mucho se lo agradeceria para colocarlo de introduccion.

Luego de haber contactado a algunos compañeros militares consegui acceso para la observacion, toma de fotos y medidas de este ejemplar, luego de llevarlo a la mesa de diseño en AutoCAD logrando conseguir un plano de este modelo a escala 1/35. Con un poco de paciencia y scratch pude consegir unir las piezas quedando de la siguiente manera.

What’s up, I have little information about the history of this vehicle, if anyone knows something about it, I would greatly appreciate it to place it as an introduction.

After having contacted some military colleagues, I got access to observe, take photos and measurements of this specimen, after taking it to the design table in AutoCAD, managing to get a plan of this model at 1/35 scale. With a little patience and scratch I was able to join the pieces, remaining as follows.

A continuacion estare colocando los avances del trabajo

Next I will be posting the progress of the work

dsc00794w dsc00797hm dsc00799e


Interesting. Could you please directly post in English even if it’s not your native language like many of us?


Cool and unique project!

sure, no problem

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very nice, to do!
please il is possible share the drawing for cut plasticard!

UR 416 on Wikipedia, for you in Spanish.

Sorry, I am trying to make molds to can sell it soon

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PSM can provide the suspension for this build.

Thanks, perfect!!! :hugs:

Revell makes a plastic kit for chassis and suspension as well. The wheels are probably not usable

Hi, that frame is for a Unimog 1300, is a litle big longer than Unimog 416. but I’m going to use the transmission, damping system and other things with some modifications

This is a prototype which will help me to correct some details and observations that I make and then make the mold. This is a conversion to be placed on the Unimog chassis (3082 to revel) in their respective chassis modification.

Este es un prototipo el cual me ayudara a corregir ciertos detalles y observaciones que me hagan para luego hacer el molde. Esta es una conversion para ser colocada en el chasis de unimog (3082 de revel) con su respectiva modificacion del chasis.

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With almost 20 users worldwide the UR 416 could be a niche market. german Länderpolizei used them for years so I am interested.

Great job so far.


Great to see equipment that is not so well known being built.

Estoy indeciso en cual de estos dos modelos realizare, al final solo cambia el color.

I’m undecided on which of these two models will make at the end, just change the color.

venur41602dp7 venur41603vo6

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The first one is more appealling.


Si, el primero se ve mas llamativo y asi cambio un poco de color ya que aca en venezuela la gran mayoria de los vehiculos de esa fecha eran verdes.

Yes, the first one looks more striking and so it changed a little color since here in Venezuela the vast majority of the vehicles of that date were green