US Soldiers terrorized in brazen attack on armored vehicle

Check this out: Raccoon Chases Soldiers Out of Armored Vehicle at Colorado’s Fort Carson (


That is seriously funny …

The guy with the pick axe handle was good but the gu with the crap hat who comes out the back at Mach 3 … Seriously PMSL… Very very funny

That was amazing… :rofl:

I love how the guy with the baseball bat was slowly getting closer to the ramp but when he hears more screaming he speedily backs away.

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I love the fact that those guys were that scared by a racoon… but what can i say? i’d be freaking out too!

Hey the other side just carry AK-47’s. Raccoons carry rabies!

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Yea, those little buggers can be mean, especially when trapped inside of an enclosed space! The poor racoon was scared too, what with all those crazy humans around!

The enemy will now drone in raccoons to defeat the armor of the US Army. :roll_eyes:


Reminds me of a friend, whose trench was “attacked” by rogue ostrich from a nearby farm, during exercise, and he and his section ran away surprised and the ostrich apparently took the trench in seconds :grin:

Considering the current recruitment effort, raccoons would be overkill.

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They sounded like girls.

Anyone remember the wild boar in Germany? I recall a certain private being chased by one in Hohenfels around ‘86. All he did was try throwing something out in a dumpster near his barracks at night. Apparently he’d gotten too close to her young.:roll_eyes:

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LOL! Probably the first time that any of them has ever seen a wild animal that close that wasn’t in a pen or cage…

Terrorized! LOL!

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Raccoons rule !



I don’t know what unit this is, but I think at least one is a girl (female soldier).

It’s okay for female solders to sound like girls. It’s worrisome if the male soldiers do.

I ain’t saying a thing as I got the crap beat out of me once by rock apes when out on an LP. Bruises all over the body.

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It’s one thing to corner an animal, being cornered is even more challenging.

With a couple of mates we rowed too close to an island in the middle of the Thames near Chiswick in London many years ago. No life-vests. Out from the island flew two huge enraged (nesting) white swans who proceeded to impersonate blitzkrieg Stukas. Options were (a) cower in the dinghy (b) fight them off with the oars (c) abandon ship & sink in the (then toxic) water 50 yards from shore. We kinda tried the first two and failed, by the time the tide had oh-so-slowly taken us away from the danger zone one of us needed to get to hospital with a very bloody head gash. Whodathunkit, swans take no prisoners :face_with_head_bandage: :tumbler_glass:


There were a few times we would find mice in our C-5 Galaxy. Being a maintenance guy at the time, our witty answer to the maintenance record would always be: “installed cat”. Supervision never said a word.

mice + insulated wires don’t always go well together.

Many years ago (35 to 40) Swedish television ran a series of 5-minute programs (used to fill out holes in the TV schedule) where professionals from various areas talked about their profession.
One was a TV-repairman (owned his own shop) who told about the family who came home from 4 weeks of vacation and tried to use their video tape player to view the videos they had recorded during the vacation.
The video player wouldn’t even turn on so they brought it to the repairman and asked for a cost estimate.
He took it in to take a look.
A mouse had gotten in through the video tape hatch (opens inwards and can’t be pushed open from the inside). The mouse had tried to find something to eat, chewed the insulation off all the internal cables, tried to build a little nest and finally it had chewed on the short pieces of cable between the incoming power cord and the on/off switch. ZZZZaaaaaPPPP
Mouse and video tape player were total write offs …

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Official press release from the Raccoon community : " We have nothing to do with the Army decision to phase out the M1128 MGS Stryker !" :wink: