Using MIG "Scenery Ground Mats" as a quick photo background

Re: Using MIG “Scenery Ground Mats” as a quick railroad photo background

Product From: Ammo by MIG Jimenez
Catalog # MIG-8486

These new bases (flexible base mats actually) offered by MIG almost seem like cheating, they are so completely finished and beautiful.

  • The mats are 9 1/2 inches square.
  • They come mounted to a flexible sub-strate.
  • They come in a 10" x 10" blister pack that is reusable should you want to only use the base occasionally (keeps the dust off) or for transporting them for use at a competition.

These flexible mats are extremely realistic and 3 dimensional, with pre-attached grass, rocks and low brush. With some added unpinnings these mats can be made to simulate gently rolling ground work for an even greater 3D affect.
They appear to come in several shades/colors from green forest to dry desert. Unfortunately this one color style; “Desert Plains” was the only one left in stock at Scale Reproductions when I arrived.

Several mats can be blended together for a larger display base.


These mats are somewhat flexible to model a gently rolling scene.


And versatile.



Hi Mike,

Thank you for showing us these. They really do look good. I have not noticed that Mig is making them. Model Scenes made a selection, several of which were reviewed on Kitmaker years ago. Here’s one: KitMaker Network :: Model Scene Grass Mats Review

I’ve got to admit that for dioramas these things are hard to beat. 9 and 1/2 square can get small quick in 1/35, but they still have a lot of potential. Right now I don’t remember who but there’s some scenery companies that make them a little bit bigger.

Nah, no more than using resin and photo etch parts instead of laboriously fashioning things out of styrene and wire.

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It appears that “Model Scenes” is still the manufacture but MIG is now also distributing their products.


As you may notice; I am playing around with various experimental ways to give the Bachmann HO track a different and perhaps more realistic look. (I leave that judgement up to the group members.)

I just cant stand that non-stop gray, very plastic looking and very uniform roadway that the stock track provides. Great for Class One Railways but not so for my narrow gauge and logging roads. Roads that often end up using cinders for ballast. (Just a personal preference.)