Using the MIG/Ammo/ModelScenes Ground Mats for Dios & Photo Shoots

Using the MIG/Ammo/ModelScenes Ground Mats for Dios & Photo Shoots

This thread was originally posted in the Railroading section but has of late taken on more of an Armor flavor.




For now this “Desert Plains” ground base was all the hobbyshop had in stock.

But I have several more on order.


Some recent disappointments I found regarding these Ground Mats:

I was very disappointed to find that upon reordering (and using the exact same part numbers) the size of the mats has been reduced by half. Instead of a 9.5 inch square mat you now get a 9 x 5 inch mat. And while the price HAS been reduced SOMEWHAT on the smaller individual mats, if you should still need the square mat you will need to buy two of the smaller mats and join them together. (and of course the total monies spent on the two has now increased significantly - 11% more!)

This is still a great product but I certainly come away feeling cheated here.
So by all means do shop around, as I have found prices from distributors to be all over the map, perhaps because they still have older (cheaper/larger) items in stock.

Those do look quite good. Learning how to make realistic outdoor terrain is on my To Do list. I am hung up on finding the right material for the base.

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