USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya 1/350)

For the “I’m a movie star” build campaign I will be building the massive 1/350 Tamiya USS Enterprise CVN-65.

I foresee this taking a good chunk of the year to complete and I am going to put all other projects on hold while I work on it (at least to start). At this time I have no plans to scratch build a hanger deck.

Firstly, the un-started kit. Massive box though not as many sprues as you would think.

I have built up a fair supply of aftermarket for this build and I am sure I will add to it down the line.

Loads of extra planes.

And lastly my usual size comparison. This time against my newly built Musashi. Its not even in the same league. Just working in my build space will be one of the biggest issues I face.


very nice … I’m in :+1:

You are getting used on massive ship builds, eh? :blush: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

My biggest question is why no new toolings of the most modern US aircraft carriers in 1/350? I would love to do one, but to make a more up to date one, it would take a lot of work!

I will definitely be watching this build!

Probably because they will not sell much. Battleships are way more interesting subject and combined with the size and cost of purchase of most modern CVs the target group is pretty small. Unfortunately for us companies decide on possible sales and flattops, especially modern, don not appeal to many modelers, especially in 1/350 scale.

Wow - a monster build! This will be very interesting to follow!

Good luck, I am sure it will look stunning when done.

A slow start on the build. I spent a good portion of the day comparing my various sets of instructions and making notes of what goes where and which PE set to use when.

I did join the bow to the main hull of the ship. The gap wasnt too bad but required filling and sanding. Also sanded down the seam running the length of the hull.

I also made a start on drilling out the tie-downs. There are hundreds of the buggers so will do a bunch each night and slowly work through. I have found that 3 twists of a 0.8mm bit does the trick.

Hard to see but completed ones on the right and undrilled on the left. Luckily, the locations are marked.


I will be in for the long haul. Want to get this KIt but have enough on my plate…Cheers mark

Roughly 1/4 of the tiedowns have been drilled. I have sanded away the raised edges as well as knocked down the raised indicator marks for the deck markings. Will clean and scrub the piece at some point.


That’s a lot of drilling … Well done for that… Hope you had a few🥃 to keep you going …

Feels like nothing is getting done but thats because all I am doing is prep work. Still working on drilling the deck. Had to order new drill bits.

Also been filling in a multitude of holes along the hull. These are all going to be covered with PE so needed to be flat.

Just some of the ones on one side of the ship. Fill, wait a day to dry, sand and then refill where the putty shrank. Sand and repeat. I think I am pretty much close to being done so then can start on actually gluing parts.


And they call this a Hobby. Sometimes you have to do lots of tedious work before you get results. Real nice work so far…Cheers mark

You are up for a tedious, but nevertheless very nice and promising looking start here!
Reporting on board, I’m in and following (if maybe sometimes a little quiet)


Very nice,I had fun with this one as a very inexperienced modeler back in the mid 80’s.

Its been a while since my last update. I have been grinding away at hull prep and I am finally at a stage where I can start gluing things :grin:

First, here is the full flight deck. Not attached. Excuse the messy desk but this thing is so big I cant fit it anywhere.

You can see how many holes there were to drill. Also visible is the outlines for the deck markings. I had to knock those down a bit. Cleaning out all the holes after sanding was a challenge but I remembered I had an old water dental pick and boy did that focused water spray do a good job of cleaning out the dust.

And lastly I started to add the prop shafts etc. Typical Tamiya, they fit perfectly. Just needed some seam line work. Rudders will be added much later so they don’t get broken off.


Wow, seeing that above image of the whole flight deck … It’s a biggy …

Unless you’re landing on it! … Watch the LSO! :sweat_smile:

She’s really huge…
And oh yes, I can imagine all the work that went into preparing the flight deck. That will certainly show - great work and nice progress!


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An oldy, but a goody!

Watching with interest, Rory… This kit still builds into a very nice representation of THE BIG E… and big she is/was! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is simply immense!
The devil is in the details, so I will be watching this monster of a kit come to life.

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