USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya 1/350)

Although it sounds barking mad, and everyone knows how much hard work you’ve put into it… Is the nuclear option to remove some of the PE and have the lifts how you actually want them ??

At the end of the day, it’s your model, and you have to look at it on the shelf once it’s all done … Would it be best to bite the bullet and finish how you really want it to see it ? We have all seen how great they look, and the time and patience it must of took to get them like that … But… Would it make you happier knowing you finished it how you really wanted it to be displayed ?? … Just my sitting on the fence devils advocate thoughts … Either way… Big E will look superb …:+1::+1:

I thought about it but I had to remove plastic which the PE covers up. If I remove it then I will have some very unsightly areas. I am coming around to the idea of having them lowered. Does mean a lot more detail is visible.

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As I was sitting in the movie theatre, restraining myself from assassinating the loud ass next to me I found myself agreeing with you. I do have a vision of how I want this ship to look.

So when I got home I ripped off a whole bunch of PE…(similair to the below) because the elevator would not fit with it attached.

Then I took some sprue cutters and very rudely sheared off the ends of the beams.

This is the elevator which will be in the lowered position. You can see how far the beams extend.

Post shearing

And Et Viola. Super snug fit but its in.

And from below still looks pretty good. Like you would have to really look to see the shearing, especially under a layer of paint. You can see how the longer beams would catch under those overhangs. Though honesty compels me to say I went back and double checked the instructions and I apparently missed a bit where you had to remove some material. In my defense I needed to have seen that about a month ago when I started building up the hull. Oh well, alls well that ends well.


That’s really great Rory … Very happy you managed a course of action you’re happy with and you get to see how it was envisaged in your head…and that looks very neat how you achieved it, while still keeping a good chunk of the PE detail … :+1:

Started to add detail to the ship. This is the result of todays efforts. Pain in the rear (but thats nothing new with this build. I now have to be real careful when manhandling the kit.


my oh my … even that little section is looking sweet … excellent work :+1: :+1:

Niiiccceee. Those detail parts are sure making the difference on this beast.

Btw, I was surfing the fb couple days ago and found this outfit…

Man can go broke looking this website long enough :joy:

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I am glad I didn’t see this when I was gathering my Aftermarket!

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I got to just under $1000 without doubling up on some of the yearly Vessel refurbs … wow

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Thats my life for every new project. Its hard to pick and choose what AM to get. And I want it aaaalllllll :stuck_out_tongue:


lol … do not listen to the little devil on your shoulder

Glances very nervously at the “Large” tub containing all the AM for various projects…

Too late for me I am afraid!

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Sounds like you’ve gotten a resolution to your situation. With this kit you really have a conundrum with the elevators, and the display.

I suspect that regardless of any other factors, you are going to wind up wanting to display this model “sailing” to the left, and displaying to port side, assuming you don’t have a free standing cabinet which allows both sides to be viewed. (And really…who does?)

With a carrier and a variety of aircraft on the deck, having the island behind the deck rather than in front of the deck and obscuring a large portion of what’s going on, is probably the only option you’ll really be satisfied with in the end, unfortunately. And short of taking it out of your cabinet and setting it down on a table for viewing, most of the work you’ve done on the starboard will remain hidden.

But then again, I’m the guy who detailed the ENTIRE interior of an M-88A1, which can only be viewed by peering inside the hatches.

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I’m one of those guys too! I really enjoy the building and layouts of interiors, but you just can see them when all buttoned up, except the hatches. I know it there, you know its there!

What a great build, and a very nice solution to your elevator-‘issue’!
And yes, she’s a beast, I can very well imagine how difficult it is to handle her on the shipyard!


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I built my previous carrier (USS Iwo Jima LHD-7) with a pretty full hanger deck and lighting and almost none of it can be seen. Its a huge part of the reason why I opted not to scratch build or purchase a hanger deck for the Enterprise.

Without lights (inside light display case) - Almost nothing visible.

With lights on - Still not much visible, especially from more than a foot away.

Its really making things difficult. I do not have much room to work with. I swear I tidy the desk all the time and it looks like this after every build session. Stuff scattered everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


I think just a teasing look inside the Iwo Jima hanger with the light is just perfect… You get the feel for what is in there just seeing parts of the helo… That was another great one as well…


Remember the adage: A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind. :smirk:


…and still your Iwo Jima is a great build, and that peak into the hangar bay looks all business! If one needs to do the full hangar, or if you can limit it to visible areas, I don’t know, but the impression is spot on!

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So elevator up or down, will you be leaving the opening covers down since there’s no interior?