USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya 1/350)


Slowly but surely working my way up the port side, adding PR. The nets are giving me no end of issues but I am persevering.


And it’s paying off Rory… Looking superb :+1:

My local modelling club is doing a group build based around the Pacific War. After rummaging through my stash I decided to build the Niko Model 1/350 YMS-149, an auxiliary minesweeper. When I took a look at the hull I was highly amused at the difference between my two projects. So for grins here are some stats comparing the two :slight_smile:

Enterprise: 1122 ft long
YMS-419 : 136 ft

Enterprise: 94780 tons
YMS-419 : 270 tons

Enterprise: 5,828 (max) crew
YMS-419 : 32 crew

Enterprise: 280000 shp
YMS-419 : 880 shp

And lastly, one laid on the other :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m honestly really looking forward to building this little kit!


Fun ! Many years ago I did a build when Tamiya’s 1/32 F 14 came out . Built it together with a Hasegawa Boeing F 4 biplane . One statistic that amused me was the Tomcat burned more fuel in a minute ( IIRC ) of afterburner than the Boeing could carry including drop tank !
Watching with interest- Cheers


Great comparison. It reminded me of the scene in that great movie, “The Caine Mutiny”, when the officers on the Caine decided they need to discuss the possible problem with the Skipper (played by Humphrey Bogart), so they motor over to the flagship, a carrier, to discuss the problem. Once they come along side and see the HUGE ship with the HUGE crew, they are struck with the fact that compared to that, their problems with “strawberries” suddenly seem totally insignificant against the world on board the carrier!


I love fun facts like this. One of my favourite facts I remember reading was that HMS Hood at full speed got a whopping 3 yards to the gallon :stuck_out_tongue:

(I actually hunted down where I read this and found it - H.M.S. Hood Association-Battle Cruiser Hood - Ship Specifications and Armament: Hood Factoids (

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Impressive work on the nets around the catwalk/catapult! I can imagine that they were kinda tricky to install, but they indeed look sharp!

And a very nice comparison with that minesweeper!

Fun fact - a F125 class frigate like the one I had the privilege to sail would, rough calculation, at flank speed reach around 6 to 7 yards per liter…



What’s ironic here is that everybody knows that moving freight by water is and almost always has been the most effective way to move large amounts of tonnage.

However, in comparison with the fuel consumption of the ships listed above I was astonished to learn how efficient diesel trains are. A train can move a ton of freight 492 miles on a gallon of fuel! That’s 3-4 times more efficient than using a truck.

The thing to remember here is that the numbers you generally see for statistics like these are for the vessel at full honk; fuel consumption is a function of the square of the vessel’s speed, so running at a slower speed reduces the fuel consumption significantly:

Safety nets are all installed.

I have finally reached a point where I can start painting and attaching sub-assemblies.


Wow, that’s quite some safety nets! Most impressive work! Looking forward to see some color going on!


Airbrushing this beast was a challenge. I wanted to move it around as little as possible to avoid knocking off any PE.

So laid her flat on her deck and I basically walked around her. Had to put my compressor on an extension cord and carry it with me as I went :stuck_out_tongue:

Worked out pretty well in the end. Got the whole underside done, touched up the hull red, then flipped her over and did the top side.

Now I need to paint up all the individual sponson’s. Rudders and screws will go on last. Still too much chance of getting knocked off.


Looks like the plan worked. You are doing a great job on this beast Rory :+1:

looking good Rory :slightly_smiling_face:


definitiv turned out really good. I can imagine that it was quite challenging to paint this monster… Great work!


Update: Progress has been slow but the flight deck is painted. Took ages and was a pain to do (again just to the sheer size of the ship) The elevators are not pictured but they are painted as well.

Did some mottling so it wasn’t just a monolithic slab even though the model will be clean with no rust etc

Some still to paint but those will go on after the decals (like the afterburner shields near the bow - don’t know the official name). Also, the hull joins are still fairly visible but I am hoping once the planes are on and its being viewed from the side and there is a dull coat on, it wont be as noticeable.

Decaling this weekend if all goes to plan.


Wow. I missed this thread Rory. All caught up now. What a sweet build this is turnout to be. The details are amazing.

That is seriously impressive Rory… What a monster to paint… But you have nailed it… The mottling is very subtle, but makes a big positive difference to that grey slab you eluded to… Cracking work :+1::+1:

Jet Blast Deflector or JBD is the name for the pop up shields at the back of each catapult.

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