Vargas Scale Models question

Has anyone ordered a kit from Vargas Scale Models? If so, how long did it take to receive your kit? I ordered a kit 4 weeks ago and have received a kit or shipping notice yet. (Both Vargas and I are in the US.)


Just ordered something from them. Took about two-three weeks to get the notice of shipping and two weeks to arrive (and I’m in Canada).

I’m assuming most of the kits are made to order, so depending on how busy their printer(s) are, it could take a while.

Just saw on Facebook that the gentleman who runs Vargas just got over COVID, so that explains the delay.

I talked to Luis this morning. He sounds better than he did , still fighting the effects of a bad run with covid but he is getting back at it and getting caught up

Has anyone tried building any of their kits? I found the company by accident on eBay and got curious.

There are a few build blogs on this forum.
Search for Vargas in the search field:

Here is one thread:

I am on my way home from the AMPS International contest. I entered 4 Vargas kits and all won gold medals. One of them garnered the Best WW1 award. So yes, they build up just fine.