Victor 20 - 2G (Belgian Recon Sec/Pl attached to a TkBn)

Started last year building the Pl I have served for almost 15 years, as a driver, gunner and almost 12 years as Vtg commander. Its just a nostalgic build hoping to finish it sometime.

The Belgian Recon Pl attached to a Tk Bn, exist out 2 Sec of 1 Scimitar, 1 Scorpion, 1 Spartan and a Scimitar for the Pl Commander.

As base I have used the available kits from AFV 2x the Scorpion 1 Scimitar.
Building the early version delivered to the Belgian Army late 70

to be continued


I really enjoy these types of builds. Not that I have any military experience myself, but watching you guys model what you served in is a real kick in the pants for me. All the knowledge and details you bring are really incredible and is really hard for the “experten” to argue with. Just reading these kinds of threads I learn more than I ever could about some of these vehicles than I ever could on my own.

building the flotation screen and the holders from scratch, just like some other typical Belgian parts.

Basic colour for the moment.

nostalgic, at the end the flotation screens where removed (from the 4 attempts to a river crossing, 1 was successful, 1 sunk, 2 times I never reached the other side)


the great challenge building the spartan


I have to cut the main body in 3 parts, to achieve the gap between the 2 and the 3 and the 3 and 4 roadwheel.
someone knowing the right distance.

to be continued


Lovely pair of vehicles you have there Jan! Very much looking forward to seeing what you make of the Spartan! Best of luck with it.

Absolutely love these Jan - excellent work. A friend and I visit the Belgian IPMS show Plastic & Steel every year and as a sort of homage to our hosts we try and build one Belgian model each time we visit. Very nice to see these and very inspirational.

Will be watching this one Jan, as a fellow CVRT guy, I have alot of fond memories of them.

I had the same issue when I converted the Scimitar hull for my CVRT Striker build. I just extended the rear hull and made new holes for the spaced torsion bars.

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Jumping in to the could water, cutting the base of a CVRT model in three parts to get the right proportion for a Spartan.

I will go for the hard way, afterwards it will be easier to get the roadwheels on the right place.

Just that little bit longer, 6 mm on scale 1/35

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Looks great. Some of these are still running at the Gunfire museum and there are a couple of nice books with detailed pictures.

closing some holes, creating some other

still a way to go


closing the lower hull, create the necessary larger gaps between the 3 and 4 and the 4 and 5 roadwheel.

closing the upper hull, create the hole for the small turret and created the first mount.

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Jan, I don’t want to cause any problems with your very nice scratch building, but were the Belgian Spartans upper hull roofs different to the UK ones ? Only reason I ask or mention it is the roof looks to narrow and the commander’s cupola shouldn’t have quite as big a side bulge on the angled sloped side. Also, the RH operators hatch … I’m pretty sure UK ones didn’t have as big a bulge there, there was a small lip sticking out that the hinges for the hatch were sat on… That’s why I am worried your roof may be to narrow and the sloped sides to large, … They should be more angled so the actual slope is less… If Belgian ones are different to UK ones then no problems… Just an observation… John

Just for reference, SMM models has some great ref pics for Spartans in the spotlight gallery.

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John, :face_with_head_bandage:

you are right, scratch building is always fun.
gonna start a new one, learning to work more accurate. the best part is my skill for scratching things become always better. only the mindset is back at the bottom (until tomorrow).

Grtx Jan, no hard feelings here to learn.

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Damn… Sorry Jan… I feel guilty now. If you are going to do that, please try and salvage as much as possible, the lower hull and the road wheel spacing is spot on to my eye, and the hull sides would only need a minor tweak.
Scratch building is fun, but that Striker i am doing gave me some real head aches. … Keep up the great work and effort that you are putting into it. And look at the Spartan images in the gallery of the SMM site, they are nice and close up and show all the major areas in great detail.

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thanks for the link the photo’s will be helpful.

Don’t feel guilty, learning is always connected with mistakes.

Grtx Jan

Build another one as a gift for a old Plt Commander, scratch build the figures
Victor 6, 2G, Recon Pl


That’s really a fantastic job Jan! Great job all around.

Jan, I hate being a PIA but the tracks are on the wrong way round mate :+1: