Vietnam diorama/vignette „Covering fire“

Thought I would do a post about a recent small Vietnam dio I did for an informal Bulldogs competition at SMW…
The Ford mutt was converted from an old A2 that I had into an A1. The machine gun had to be bought separately as I accidentally melted the original one with some over enthusiastic paint speed-drying. The figures are the MB ones. I really like the two I put in the water, the gunner in the Mutt was a real pain - had to seriously remodel him to get him to fit and I changed his torso as I figured he should be wearing a flak jacket. This is my first Vietnam dio for a long time. I enjoyed it and I will do some more :slight_smile:




Very nicely done!

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Nice…small detail, guy in water with PRC 25 (or 77), has no antenna. Great little vignette.
Just noticed, steering wheel looks like it broke off.

Thanks for the compliments on the vignette:) Yes, you are right on both points- the steering wheel is now back on but these pics were taken beforehand. I will fix an antenna for the radio.

“Charlie don’t surf,” well done sir!

It looks pretty good. One issue though is the .50 cal. Master Box got that part wrong. M151s were not strong enough to carry and fire the .50 cal. The recoil and vibrations cracked the frame. This is why you usually see an M151 carrying an M60 MG.

This is what Master Box should have depicted.

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I agree, 50s would have been seen more on gun trucks or APCs and tanks. M37s or quarter tons used M60s. Wayne

Great job, Paul.

More than “pretty good.”
As for the .50? Roll with it.