Vietnam war US M113 Color schemes

Does anyone know of any interesting US M113 color schemes from Vietnam? I’m currently working on one and have no idea how I want the exterior to be done. I can build it with either a flamethrower turret or 50 Cal so I’m open to pretty much anything…
( It can be plain OD but it just has to have some interesting markings.)

Some examples :



Ooh those are all very nice! Its getting harder to decide… :sweat_smile:

I used to think that I had enough Vietnam M113s… but then you had to go and post these photos… :hushed:

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I think I found some more for you @Stikpusher:wink:
This one looks interesting I may build it myself!

A couple more interesting ones.

Those M113’s look like the cardboard memes people photoshop these days.

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The last group that hates Santa and Mary Poppins are Aussie M113s.


Just a few more :

These belonged to the South Korean contingent (Tiger Division) :


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That’s what I thought because they have the Cadillac-Gage cupola. They still would make a interesting build though!

Thanks @Frenchy these are all great pics! I’m having a real hard time deciding… anyone have suggestions?

Markings for the SK Tiger division are in the Academy kit. I don’t think they show the blue in the black camo seen in the first SK photo but not the second.

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I’m building the Academy kit, and yes it includes markings for the SK Tiger division but the sides are painted orange and black with tiger stripes.

This is one of the coolest ones I’ve seen, it’d be a challenge . . .




Ooo I must say very tempting! Im always up for a challenge! :grin:

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The mind is a trouble thing to waste. You are correct.

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What the heck, I’ll do it! I need a challenge plus I’m planning on this build to be a contest piece so a interesting camo scheme can be good, (If I can pull it off…) plus there are enough OD M113s.
( Not saying there bad, but I already have 3 OD M113s.)

I wonder… whether the dark colour is black or the standard very dark olivedrab.
Looking at the headlights I¨d say drab, right?
So forest green, medium brown, olivdrab and medium grey lines?

So what’s the deal Ezra, did you pull off the camo? Also if there isn’t a patio umbrella on it I’m gonna be very disappointed

No I didnt… :rofl:
I was in the middle of it but then my dog decided it would be fun to slam into my table sending the M113 plummeting to its demise.

Im sorry I let you down. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

You gotta think outside the box!


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