Waffen SS in the Ardennes 1944-5

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I’m thinking of putting a Panther G, complete model shown here Tamiya Panther G Late
into an Ardennes diorama, I have a plaster base with house ready to be painted. I want to add some figures around and on it and just want clarification on uniform details. I’ve seen the usual photos of Kampfgruppe Hansen at Poteau, which show a mixture of M1944 Camouflaged suit, greatcoats and even service dress with captured US mackintosh worn over. Elsewhere there are pictures of personnel wearing parts or whole padded reversible Winter suits (indeed the loader on the Panther is wearing the trousers of this suit). But I can’t find any pictures, in my books or online, of anyone wearing the SS Anorak (the “Kharkov” clothing). I was hoping to use some tank riders wearing this gear and photos purporting to come from Hungary two or three months later show it in wear, including by “Hohenstaufen”. Can anyone help please?


On page 188 of Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen-SS it describes the usage of the new anorak with the fully buttoned up front. “These later anoraks were introduced in the winter of 1944-45.” These were also issued in Italian camouflage material. “U.S. Army officers were seen wearing captured anoraks of Italian camouflage in Bastogne, 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge.”

The older model anorak was deemed too hot for combat use, due to poor ventilation of the pull-over design. “In fact, the anorak was often carried in fluid situations in lieu of a blanket.”

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Yes, I’ve got that book and looked up the reference. However, I’m guessing that supply issues meant that the old kit continued to be worn, despite it overall unsuitability. The problem is that photographs from the Ardennes and from Hungary are few and far between, notwithstanding some of them are miscaptioned. I guess I’ll just have to leave the tank riders on the shelf and use figures in greatcoats and the padded suit. To my knowledge there aren’t any sets of figures wearing the Italian camouflaged winter jacket.

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It is my understanding too that existing stocks of old anoraks would continue to be used, despite their dislike and unsuitability. Are you looking for photos of the old style at BoB or the new?

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USA officers with fur-lined parkas in Italian Telo Mimetico.

On the left the Lt.Col. George Stevens Hollywood filmmaker. Stevens led a USA team to film the N. Europe campaign. He and other film industry specialists were part of the Special Coverage Unit under the command of SHAEF. About 90% of all known color films belong to this team. On the right is Major Dick Cahoot and behind the Jeep nicknamed TOLUCA.

Section of a Film taken on the Belgian-German border in early 1945.

Belgium or France. 1945.

A Waffen SS soldier with the parka “Jarkov” used from the winter of 1942-43.

Single color in grey, gray green or khaki.

Three-quarter opening and lined with leather.

The helmet still has the SS decal.

Wingen, France. January 7, 1945.

Russian-born John Dored, Paramount cameraman films a Waffen SS soldier killed during a

attack on forces of the 781st Tk Bn, 274th Infantry Regiment USA.

The SS soldier is wearing the aforementioned parka, Erbsenmuster camouflage pants, and hobnailed boots.

Dored, M1 helmet, USA officers trench coat, twill pants and M1943 double buckle boots.

Bell & Howell 70-DR Camera.


Thanks, this is precisely the kind of provenance I was hoping for. However, Wingen is south of Sarrbrucken, so I suspect this soldier may be part of of “Nordwind” and belong to 6th SS Div “Nord”. Having been transferred from the Russian Front, “Nord” probably retained their existing kit. Interesting photo though.

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The old style, the “Kharkov” parka. But I’m beginning to think there won’t be any. See guillem_guillat’s post.

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