Waiting for New Orders - 1/35

Good Morning!
Well, I’ve being working around this one since 2014. I was just organizing the photo files and decided to show it once again. There was some major issues to get the way to make the pine trees and , of course, for getting the figures. A german Panzergrenadier Unit is resting and refitting while the new marching orders is on the way.
A hunting cabin inside a pine trees forest is the landscape.
There are also some picutres about the construction process.

The original idea.

The cabin.

Almost done.

Next step, the base.



Nice concept and nice work as well!



Very nice, reminds me of a wood cutters cabin in Bosnia we used at a rebro site as the QRF base.

Great job on the lodge!

Jerry, Jan, Creading, Johnny and Ken! Thanks a lot for the good words! :+1:

Start working on the base soil.



Great work on that cabin. Looks like a lot of pics I’ve seen of homes in rural Russia.

Nicely done man !!

Wow that is some nice wood work and ground work.

Hi, Ralph, Glenn and Karl!
Thank you guys!

Going ahead with some more pictures.
First lay-out.

Fixing the cabin on the ground and detailling.



Good Morning!

Now the work on the trees. I used Aspargus Fern as tree branches. These ones went not so well.

Painted and sealed.

First arrangment with a mix of painted and not already painted ones.

Thanks for watching!


Those are some nice looking trees! Sure looks like a really nice dio!

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Beautiful work . The one thing that really stands out , is how the individual components are so well integrated . That is something often missed.
Keep sharing .

Gelson, the trees look brilliant, fantastic balance of branches all over the tree. I for one would love a quick break down if possible of how you made the trees; the trunk, applying the branches and what they are painted with, it’s something I’ve always wanted to try.

The whole scene is perfect for a wooded area, really well done :+1::+1:

Thanks a lot, bwilt and Chris Bryan! :+1: I’m glad you have liked.

Hi, Johnny!
Talking about the trees is something that I should not do and you will see what the reasons. Well I’m living in a country that be a modeller is more than a curse than a gift. For this specific work I have tryed to purchase some already made pine trees. If you buy something from abroad you must pay 6% on charges on credit card. The foreign currency (us dollar) is about 6:1 to a local currency. Then, when the package arrives the country custom taxes 60% of the total amount (including postage). When the package comes to the state there were another 18% of local taxes and the mail service taxes another 3 or 4 US dollars to deliver. All this make the total amount rises to plus 100% of the original value. And if this was not enough the mail delivery service could take many months to be done.
I’m sorry to comment this issues but I have in mind that you lives in a paradise if you compares to what I have said. You can get everything you want for a fair price with a fast delivery service with not so abusive taxes. So you must be happy.
So, there’s not another way except making my own trees.
About the trees. I’ve made so many attempst to make the then that I always forget. The Aspargus Fern branches must be treatead in warm water and glycerin for a couple of days. This will keep the branches soft and flexible. The color of the branches will fade away soon so it’s necessary to paint them. I have used some Tamiya acryllics and after drying applied a coat or two of varnish.
The trunks are rounded pieces of pine wood cutted and sanded properly. The trunk texture is achieved by applying sawdust with white glue. The branches must be fixed one by one in a tedious process.
Some pictures. A bare and a textured trunk.

Have a look how the branches fade away without painting.

Hope this helps you.
There is a USA company named The Scenic Factory that sells this trees (or the kit to make them). There are also some very good videos on youtube where the owner of this company shows how to assemble them. I don’t know if I am allowed to post the link here. :thinking:
Thanks for the visit and kind words. And I’m sorry for the vent.
Best Regards.


Gelsen those trees are excellent. You’ve done a great job all around keep it up !

Nice work on all so far. I can second the opinion on the “Scenic Factory”. Great products and not only trees. I have used a bunch of their stuff.

Gelson, thanks for that explanation. I totally agree with what you said about the cost of some of these things. A Dio you have in your mind can end up costing a small fortune when you start trying to source all the bits you need. You have shown here you can make exceptional scenic extras for very little cost.
Those trees you’ve made are easily just as good as ones I have seen for sale from manufacturers. I shall definitely be trying to make some in the future…
They really do add so much to that scene :+1::+1: