WANTED 1/48 20mm Hispano Cannon Barrels (For Mosquito FB Mk VI)

If anyone knows where I can get turned metal 20mm Hispano Cannon Barrels for this, i’d be very grateful.

Aires offering for the bomb bay upgrade turned up with four lethal looking bananas in the pack.

Or, if anyone knows what o/d brass tubing i’d need to re-create the main barrell, that would also be useful.

Master has a full set of Mossie armament, is this what you’re after?.



Hi there - no, i’ve already got that set on the way, it covers the nose guns and only the forward fuselage portion of the Hispanos. What I need is the bomb bay portion of the 20mm cannon barrels.

@Khouli That’s the very reason I always keep my models buttoned up - combined with laziness of course :slight_smile: I do however appreciate when other people put in the work and will follow your Mossie build with interest!

If the aft part of the pipes are just plain tubes, I would recommend getting Albion Alloy’s two sets of slide fit tubing, that way you can pick whatever matches from the lot. I suppose you can gauge the dimension needed from Master’s turned parts?



I think that due to difficulties sourcing turned barrells of sufficient length, I will use the Aires supplied guns. In actual fact, I only require a length of gun barrel that extends just beyond the ‘knuckle’ of the barrell as it leaves the bomb bay. The supplied barrels aren’t really badly bent up to that point.

This means, once inserted, I can remove the bent portions of the barrells that extend beyond the bomb bay bulkhead, as they get progressively more bent towards the end.

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