'War Factories – The Secret History of WW II'

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I discovered this interesting documentary series on YouTube recently. It reveals another perspective of the shear amount of industry that was thrown at World War II — steel, aluminum, wood, workers and lives…

Part 1. German Aviation

Part 2. Krupp

And enter the Peoples Car …


Look forward to checking out the Krupp video. Thanks :blush:

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These look interesting!

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I just watched these and they are very good. Most enjoyable and informative. Thank you for posting these Mike. Some perspectives I had never heard before.

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it looks to be very interesting, thanks for posting.

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Here’s another episode that just popped-up on YouTube:

‘General Motors’


That was a great episode! I really enjoyed it. It’s staggering by how much the US was outproducing the Germans before they even entered the war. Thanks for posting this Mike!


‘War Factories | Part 5 | US Aviation’

‘War Factories | Part 6 | Occupied Territories’

‘War Factories | Part 7 | US Ships’

‘WR Factories | Part 8 | Russia’


About German coal-

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