War reserve

war reserve
I spent too much time on ebay lately
normally I have 6-7 in stock
I have accumulated about 20
I don’t know when I’ll find the time to complete them all
I will be curious to see your reserves


N’aie pas peur, c’est completement normal, ça. If that “totally not a Toyota” or Shilka ever need to be rehoused I’ll be happy to oblige.

My wife’s lawyer would use any photo of a “so called stash” in action against me-so, no Sir there are no photos of my models!


Nice stack. I would call that my ready rack.


the shilka was a really good deal
$ 35 usd
but i will keep it

Here is an existing tread on the topic.

sorry I hadn’t seen it, an admin can close the topic

No problem, just helping with the second part of seeing other stashes.

Lets just cut to the chase. Post the photos of Robins stash and we will just quietly move on…


Nice reserve:) It’s always good to have reinforcements available :slight_smile:

I’m ready up to COVID-37, The Zombie Apocalypse 🧟‍♂️


It has grown since the last photo …

My not so impressive stash is diminishing as we speak by selling of a good portion of it. The goal is to keep 10-15 kits, but with the amount of projects in progress, another dozen or so, I am still good to go for years.

As expected, they didn’t stop releasing new kits did they? :joy:

Nope, them greedy capitalists keep pushing new products on the market.
“Show him a kit he can’t resist” or something like that …

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The nerve of some people.

I wanted to stop, then Takom does this.

How can I say no.

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I would have bought that if it was in 1/72, they also did a secondary turret for the Yamato in 1/35 which I also refrained from buying.
I try to console myself with all the aircraft, car and truck kits that I am NOT getting :wink:

I have tried to limit myself on subject and scale. That one checks a bunch of boxes. Those other turrets are massive when built and I already have silly stuff like Tori Factory 1:1 track.

It tool all my will power to resist some Tori track links but I realized one could buy real Pz IV links from the Ukraine :ukraine: for a just a bit more :slight_smile:

SB had on special when I got mine at around $26. Wanted the T-34 and M1 but they seemed have canceled the project.

My ‘stash’ looks like this too.
My wife said i needed therapy?
My therapist is now a member of his local model club. My ex-wife still doesn’t ‘get it’.