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Very cool. Thank you for the review Fred. I need to get a couple sets of those for my post-apocalyptic projects. :skull: I like the police tape. That could be a handy scene enhancer. :skull_and_crossbones:

Thank you,
Randy :slightly_smiling_face:

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These are really nice.

On a side note, this categorization of this product under the RailRoad Modelling site suggests an issue with the way things are going with the way product announcements and reviews.

I can see that perhaps the manufacturer mainly focuses on model RR products, but these particular 1/35 scale decals would reach a much larger and receptive audience if under the Armorama banner.

Is there a way to create a single searchable product and product review list for all the sites? Many products that are perhaps originally or mainly intended for one modeling genre or scale may be useful or attractive to modelers who don’t necessarily build that genre or scale.

I’m mostly a 1/35 scale armor and figure modeler, and it’s only by total chance that I happened to read this announcement.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your ideas. The good news is that I also posted all three of these Matho Models reviews on Armorama when I made these reviews. Matho Models is primarily a 1/35 military accessories site.

That is a great idea. There are so many crossover opportunities between many model railroad items, and scenery items and paints, and military,etc. (and visa versa). Perhaps there will someday be a ‘universal tag’ to route a review to all sites?

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@JPTRR Good to hear Fred! I clearly missed the Armorama links… I’m glad that the products were highlighted there, too. Some very neat stuff!

When I read the product announcements on the RR Modeling site they made me think of Jim’s poll about how to categorize reviews. There are a lot of products with “cross-over” interest or potential not to mention all the general modeling products that are possibly applicable to all subject genres and scale.

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Thanks for mentioning the poll. I did not know about it and have since added my ideas.

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These can be useful on so many levels and scales.

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