Period Signage you can use on your Railroad:

If interested here are some Period Signs for you to make use of on your model structures:

I am slowly cleaning up more and more period signage that I find online for my own personal use and I thought I might share with the group.

HINT: Print on thin (cheap) typing paper and apply with thinned white glue or Future Floor Wax to simulate a painted on wall sign.
BUT: Print on photo quality paper to simulate an old enameled metal sign.


. .


sCoca-Cola Sign painted on Brick



I will be adding to this post from time to time as more signs become available.

Some that I am working on right now:

Barn Sign???

sJohnBrowingCROP From an Original Photo

Metal Sign

sPegasus Almost Done

Old Feed Store in Louisville
My Photo


I love signage. I’m a fan of the painted on ones like this one near me:


Hey 18Bravo
Don’t suppose you have a better photo of that Dr. Pepper sign?
Maybe one without all those tree shadows???


"Painted-on" Coke sign I did recently - after much, MUCH clean-up:*

This is the image I started with for the Coca-Cola sign:



Yes I love the signs too. I used to see them all over Long Island on the old buildings in some of the small towns, and NYC when I was working there or going in for a night out etc.

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Archer even carries old 1940’s US and European style signage as waterslide decals. Perfect for simulating “painted-on” signs or paper posters placed on wood or brick walls!

Many manufactures of craftsmen style building kits also offer paper sign sheets.

Looking also to do some Circus advertising signs sometime in the future.

Such as those that were put up by the “Advance Man” before the Circus rolled into a town to drum up business early!

(Usually larger, painted cloth, billboard sized banners that could be put up quickly and later taken down for reuse in the next town down the line.)

circus-carnival-memorabilia-2 . 61yO3rbo71L.AC_SX466



How about this one for a scale modeling challenge?

I would love to model this beautiful Eastern Kentucky barn.

(I can build the structure, no problem. But I think I am going to need a custom printed decal to recreate the lettering! — Awh, what the heck I’ll just use press type. — Go ahead Mike, you can do it!

Photo Copyright Michael Koenig ~ All Rights Reserved

DARN - I talked about it and now I am going to have to do it!

Two more challenging barns:

Central Indiana

South Central Kentucky
All Photos in this post Copyright Michael Koenig ~ All Rights Reserved


I could. Possible as the days get longer and the sun gets higher. I visit that building fairly often. I want to buy it to turn into a bike shop - free air gets 'em in, then they smell the chili… One Saturday four bikes per minute rode past this intersection. But alas the wife would rather be riding on Saturdays than watching others ride.

Which reminds me, I don’t know if Indian ever did large painted ads, but that would be cool as hell.

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Cool idea! ~ I will look into that!


OK, I did a real quick search:

Not sure if these were print ads, calendar art, shop signs or billboards???
Also could just be modern recreations made to look “Old School?”


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Bravo ~ It would be super if you could shoot that Dr. Pepper sign at the “other end of the day” so the sun is directly on it and without the tree shadows - however, I COULD still work from this one. Either one is going to be a bit of a bear to clean up, no matter what!

M3 Lee/Grant Tank with Commander’s Additional MG Cupola


YES, Master Sargent – NO, Master Sargent – At Once, Master Sargent!

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That top one is a metal one. I have it in my shop. Possible too busy for a painted ad. I’m thinking just Indian Motorcycle and the Chief’s profile that’s in the upper left. I’m sure something similar must have been done back in the day when they were competing with H-D.

Very nice job on that Coca-Cola ad.

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Was thinking of just pulling the Chief’s head out of that one sign to make a separate artwork. But I may have found a better one.

Gotta get outta here for now and get to my other “job”!


JUST a few more for me to work on!:



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Work’n on it . . . .

Get’n Closer!
Still have a little more work to do on the Chief.

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A new found “brick photo” I may have to go to work on:
So far I have only darkened the colors overall in order to see it better.

(That’s probably not really brick. It is a pressed tin rolled siding they used to use to face-lift old buildings, much like the pressed tin ceilings you will often see in old houses and stores.)

OK, here is the finished product, hot off the computer:
Another painted on brick sign.

Version One: Older and more weathered.

Version Two: Somewhat cleaner and with more vibrant colors.

Work’n on an old Dr. Pepper:
Remember what the Doctor says; “Take you medicine at 10, 2 & 4!”

I couldn’t get back far enough to square off the image because of the damned tree…

No problem there! ~ Thanks