Was this version of the Hind in Afghanistan?

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i am not familiar with russian helicopters used in afghanistan and i was wondering if this version of the Hind was used there, the box art does suggest that but i would like some professional confirmation please.

Yes, the MI-24P was put into service in 1981 and was used during the Soviet occupation of A’stan.

More info,

They were not nearly as prevalent, but they were used.

I actually made one decades ago from the Monogram 1/48 kit and the guns from a 1/35 Sergeant York. Looked pretty good for its day.

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A few more examples.

Pilot of a Soviet Mil Mi-24 HIND Combat Helicopter in Afghanistan.

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@18bravo that dude looks like he is posing for a male clothing catalogue lol.

thanks for info and picture

I have tons of similarly embarrassing photos.

But this one shows that the Sovs were decades ahead of the US…In digital cammo.

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Hello Klaus,

If it is of interest to you, the Poles were operating Mi-24V’s in Afghanistan during 2011.


Its probably the same kind thats still in service in Ukraine.

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A minor correction, Heavy Arty’s second image is from Chenchya, but you get the idea.

I like 18 Bravo’s first image of the Russki pilot with his M16. Its what all the cool kids had in Afghanistan summer of 82.

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I don’t think the straight P is still in service, it would be the PM or PN version in use and more then likely a V variant that is a upgraded classic D with the gun nose turret but your point is taken.

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