Weathering a Pershing for beginners

I highly suggest Tamiya (TS-80) rattle can Matte Clear. That is what you see in my sample photos.
Many will recommend using any ole cheap matte spray from Home Depot but with these cans the paint comes out at high pressure, in a large droplet size designed to cover a rusty old grill or fence post in one coat. This can be death to the finish painting a small model.

(No doubt someone will now post “oh I use XYZ flat spray from Home Depot and it works just fine - you just have to know what you are doing.”)

Well you are just getting started and I am telling you that you don’t use a 3 wood driver on that last final putt in hopes of winning the match!l

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With some brands you can actually see the particles in the medium. Be sure to stir it thoroughly. (not shake, especially if brushing on) You can get a nice dead flat very easily with your brush.
I like to avoid aerosols at any rate - wasteful and not the best for the planet.
This is my favorite, but I’m sure Vallejo is good.

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