Weathering Andys Sherman 1/16

hm there are basically more steps on zhr spare wheels:

1.1 Primer
1.2 Olive drab ( dark) plus dark grey for the rubber

The 3D printer files i gut from Cults3D


okay here is more trackwork, i painted the base color with a mixture of flat earth and dark yellow from Tamiya and rubbed the color of on the blank parts with thinner:


More track work, i brushed the tracks on the inside so it looks scratched from the wheels, but it was too much on some places so undelying grey is visible, but i guess you cant spot it later:

And some more 3D printing, not sure they look good enough as i scaled them up,
maybe i paint one to see how they look:


Okay now most of the undercarriage is complete :slight_smile:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3

I think the is a color difference between the suspension and the tracks, as the pigment looks lighter then the Tamiya color on the tracks, it is difficult to match, i will assemble all of it then we will see how much the difference is


I assembled the tracks, now the color differences are easy to spot, the dirt on the hull itself needs some work, but as a first shot, i think it looks acceptable. Not sure where the different colors on the wheels came from as i used the same pigment for everything. The track is obviously different from the wheels, i guess i have to rethink the process of painting. In this stage it also looks a bit strange as the upper part really differs from the tracks.
In this scale i think pigments are the best method for weathering as they create a realistic surface which you would not spot on a smaller scale.


Is it possible to rename the topic as we are way over the chiping in the meantime?

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There should be a pencil next to the title and you edit to what you want or post you want and I can cut and paste it for you.


Did not finde the pencil, lets rename it to :slight_smile:

“Weathering Andys Sherman 1/16”


All of this happens to real vehicles. Driving on hard surface roads, paved or otherwise, can limit how far dirt, mud, and dust travels up the vehicle. Very slow speeds will do the same thing.


Incredible work!

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Okay lets get dusty:



You have a very specific gift - its fascinating to see how you SEE colour. Most of us sleepwalk through our builds painting colours and effects according to what we think they look like but you actually take the time to look, see and understand what the colours actually should be vs what they might be, not just doing the “paint by numbers using the same effects and colours I’ve always done” etc. Those spare wheels and your weathering techniques are a superb example. you’ve actually spent time looking and understanding the colours and textures and how they are faded, desaturated and highlighted etc and have gone to significant effort to recreate them accurately and realistically on the model. That is some great modelling right there mate. You fully “get it”.

When I first saw the paint wear/chipping photos upthread I thought it was quite majorly overdone and didn’t look good, but actually once you have weathered it, it has gone from paint wear to worn paint AND modulation in the OD itself, its really a nice effect to break up the single tone, I would never have thought to do it but it is so effective in adding visual interest and simulating freezing cold metal. Bravo mate, I’ve learned a valuable thing today, so thank you. Fascinating stuff.

Many modelers model for decades and don’t have the understanding of real world colours and textures that you do. I’ll be looking out for updates on this and your future work with interest. Love your work mate. Keep it coming.


Great weathering job there! Really like your rust on the spare road wheels and the mud on the transmission housing! You are gonna make me want to go heavier on my next Armor project. Definitely need more dust and mud on the road wheels.

Here is my current level of weathering but I may return to these models for a heavier re-treatment after seeing your work!!

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To be honest, I am experimenting all the time and some of the effects are maybe just pure luck :slight_smile: , but thank you very much for your encouraging comments. I will try to share as much experiences and tips with all of you here so we can all learn together :love_you_gesture:

There will be no updates for my project in the near future because I had to undergo a hip surgery and can’t work on it for a while.

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